How to finish what you start

          Today I would like to share how to change our mindset, the topic is “how to finish what you start”, the reason i choose that topic because finishing something is better than starting process, as we know this life doesn’t need our rejection and life doesn’t need our complaining result, all process in this life are intended for the next journey it will never be the same again, when we start something new today, please remember that we need to finish the deadline because it can't be waited or delayed by us, all process needs time and time is not recycling, we will face new risk when we neglect the starting process without attaching the ending process, the program will miscalculate the result, that's significant value about what we start and what we finish.
       i will explain how the importance of ending process, every life circumstance is having a specific and strong purpose, for example like a midst of raining, every dropped water from the sky has purpose, we call it as one cycle process, single drop of water will end to the dry land and water will nourish the soil component, that one cycle process, but if the water will not drop to the dry land, so that there's no growth process in the soil and there's no plant on it, that’s why ending process must not be postponed because it will determine a new change in our life.

when we haven’t finished what we start, that’s mean we will destroy the bridge which is connecting between our dream and commitment in the future, as human being, we need to follow the universe’s rule if we want to step on the next destination, everything in this life needs rule in order to make a balance between process and result, we can change ourselves not because by chance, but we change ourselves because of we are discarding our bad habit or bad attitude, so when we want to finish something, at least we must have valid reason why we need to start, the question from every reason will determine the mood whether in good mood or bad mood, when you feel in good mood during making a painful change, just do it, don’t let your emotion is tangled by circumstance, but let your emotion becomes your confidence booster, the question you need to prepare for boosting your confidence is “what I need to do if were failing in every day?” I am really sure when we can get the answer from the question above mentioned, we will not get depression.

Please remember; the more you retool your philosophy, the more inspiration will give you the fabulous idea, that’s important to take a note, we all know that problem may bring the worse thing within our career, but what if we have an answer before problem is coming? I am sure the problem will say to us “I am giving you the valuable thing and I hope you can create the antidote to cure other people’s problem", that’s mindset is telling  you that you must finish what you start, here is the good news: when you are sincerely let go of what you had done the great thing in the past, the result will not end futile, but it would return multiplying because you always end the process after you start.