How to live peace with darkness

Sit down with empty mind

          Today I would like to share how to live peace with darkness, the reason why I choose that topic at my article because I would like to let you know how we have to learn and stay carefully on earth because there's darkness, we all know that darkness is having evil purpose which is living side by side with universe, darkness can live by its own way, they don’t need a light to live in this universe, darkness lives like a parasite, darkness is part of universe where human can learn to accept it without getting affected with darkness's influence, here is note; darkness can’t control the human’s lives and it can't teach human how to behave misbehavior, but darkness can get stronger when human feeds them with human's desperation and the power of desperation is started from hesitation.

          Darkness doesn't like with light of hope because it can exterminate darkness's power, light is represented with knowledge, and knowledge will guide human how to deal with power of darkness, here is the lesson for you; although is bringing evil purpose, but darkness can be used for maximizing the potential energy within human 's expertise, remember this note; darkness is not always bringing bad thing, darkness can be utilized to make our focus is clearer than what we see something to the object, but don't use darkness for continuity purpose because it can keep you away from the revelation for everlasting, for example; when you go to the movie theater, you will see the gigantic screen within building, when the film is started, the lighting area is being turned off, in this case, the lighting area is giving you blindness when you see movie and darkness gives you power of focus during enjoying and seeing the movie.
 darkness can't be avoided but it can be employed to produce enthusiasm

Light can give you a revelation and darkness can give you power of focus, if you want to live peacefully on earth, you are not allowed to blame darkness and also you can’t blame the lightness because both energy are living side by side, they will not fight because they live by the time frame in respective area, all you need to do is don’t use darkness when you want to get inspiration and don’t use lightness when you want to awaken your inner power, the reason why I say such thing because the light will give clue how to make creativity and produce an interesting idea, whereas darkness will awaken your enthusiasm and power of focus to follow your dream.
Meditation activity can be used to employ the darkness to attract the enthusiasm

Now I will give you the example how to describe about darkness; now imagine when you get meditation or when you want to sleep tight, do you feel the lighting or darkness within your sleeping condition?, When you can’t sleep tight at night because your mindset is searching the power of light and you use them to overcome problem, but when you want to sleep tight, you need to turn off your energy, so you need darkness during maximizing your sleeping condition, that’s mean darkness lends you a new power to continue the activity after you wake up in the morning, Remember this note; When bad thing is happening to good people, it’s not caused by people whom don’t learn something good, but human lack of hope, lack of enthusiasm, so we need to keep learning as if our hope were never perish.