How to live with 50 Cent

Money will make you becoming a money finder

          Today I would like to share the topic “how to live with 50 cent, the reason why I choose that topic because I want to share how to make different thing by manifesting our efficiency in this life, this note will make you feel differently if you read this article; life is not talking how much money you can earn, but life is talking how can you make some efficiency after you earn money? It doesn’t matter how much money you can earn, when you don’t know how to spend it to the right place, you are going to dig up your unhappiness because you lose respect about the money value, but when you can gain some knowledge and learn how to make efficient after you earn money, you will always gain some capitals within your mind, I give you an example; when there’s someone is given 50 cent, the poor guy will say to the money “what can I do with 50 cent because nothing I can buy with 50 cent” but if the rich guy is given to 50 cent, he will say to the money “what I need to give if I can afford 50 cent?”, I am really certain if you change your mindset with such question, your emotional intelligence will be growing and it will produce a lot of positive vibes.
money is just facilitation

This life is not talking about how much money you can use, but this life is talking how much money you can keep it for future, this habit is not easy to be applied, but if every single person will apply this habit, there is no single person will get anxious, in addition, our society’s rule will support if we have thrift habit,  but we don't have efficient habit, we will lose our future, if we look at to the market place, many seller are try to waste some capitals to buy brochure, buy advertisement, buy product, but very few seller is buying efficiency from their product, that's why many people are losing the market attractive value, in my opinion, if you focus on efficiency, it will not make your market place is ruined but efficiency will create your product is becoming a communicator for you.
Money is becoming partner when you have made them a worker

Please imagine, if you have 100 dollars, what will you do when you live to the forest, i am sure your money doesn’t valid or useless, by that it means money doesn’t teach you how to study about efficiency, remember this note; money is teaching you how to satisfy your satisfaction, but if you can use your money to buy some good experiences, you will live in efficiency and your life will be blessed, so you need live more efficient by reducing inessential activity which will make you stay away from the productivity, we can start to review from our lifestyle first, such as we control how much money we can use, how much physical energy we use it per day, how much emotional intelligence we use for caring others, etc.

Live smarter is better than live harder because life is always be neutral, the harder you work, the more difficult you will find answer, the smarter you work, the more efficiency you will get for answer, when you know your result will be coming multiply, don't just money is working for earning money but try to create money to become your survival, if you learn how to survive, you will make your life more efficient although you can earn a lot of money, remember this advice; money can't make you survive, but your spiritual is guiding you how to live better with money.