How to make Stress management

          Today I would like to share how to make stress management, the reason why I choose the topic because stress management will give you most powerful idea how to manage stress, we can’t live peacefully without control, like the wise word says “power is nothing without any control and passion is meaningless without any creation” so basically stress is part of incredible power, it will empower your idea to do something great and it's rational, power  of stress will empower your principle while you are going to build relationship with business, if you look at the company around the world, most of them have own rule how to control the human resources,  but they don't have stress management within their department, please note; every company must have good philosophy if they want to see happiness employee, so company must have stress management, without applying stress management, I can ascertain the employee’s mentality can’t grow when they just being offered with money, happiness can't be bought by worldly stuff and this circumstance will create unhappiness state, so every day employees will feel uncomfortable because they are pushing their limitation, not focus on how to work with a growth mindset.
human is being chased by the time because human feel stress

When company is offering a bonus or paying two times salary to every employee, this method will not cure the employee’s distress because money is just suppressing employee’s distress for temporary, please remember; money can’t cure the unstable emotional intelligence, money will not give long lasting guarantee for our lives, money is just entertaining us for short term period, on the other hand, money will create brutal mentality if you are not careful with it, that’s money’s main purpose, many companies in the world don’t have any experience how to empower the employee’s working way, they just focus how to make benefit but they don't consider about employee's mentality health, that's why many employee can't differentiate between happiness and force, some companies use money as mental destroyer machine, by that it means, employee will be forced to believe something true although we don’t know the meaning of it.
distress characteristic

There are many ways how to create stress management, in my opinion; if you want to help your company how to create stress management, the first thing you should prepare is “the announcement board where it tells about reward and punishment’s notification for all concerned employees”, the second thing you should prepare is asking the management to reduce overtime working hour and change the activity with relaxation program such as take sport, meditation program, yoga, clinical psychology, etc. that’s my opinion how to make employee feel comfortable during working at the company, you can start to apply the stress management program if you want to feel big difference between money's mindset and healthy mindset, here is the good news; the more you focus how to reduce stress, the less number of employee will resign from your company.