How to reduce stress

          Today I would like to share how to reduce stress, the reason why I choose that topic because every single person must have suffered in this life, especially when they want to build career and build personal development, at this moment I would give you the special note how to face stress, so literally stress has the rule, it doesn’t attack to the type of person who has the fabulous idea, the reason why I say that because that person who has fabulous idea can control his mood and he can handle his stress by allocating his time and full energy to dedicate something big for the future, so his enthusiasm helps him to drive safely during facing stress, now the question is what to do about stress once it’s coming? If you consider stress is just your mood booster, you will never get stressed by what you are doing now.

 Please take this note; stress comes and approaches when we just do the repetition about subject like what we did yesterday or we did at long time ago, stress will come to us consistent when we just repeat the same subject, that’s key how to recognize the sign of stress, don't play something bad with consistency because it's having an enormous power to create mysterious way, now this lesson i would like to invite you to think together about how to differentiate between enthusiasm and stress, stress will not approach to the type of person who is doing something by enthusiasm, now the question to you is, have you felt enthusiasm before stress is coming to you?, when you feel enthusiasm about your skill and vision for the future, soon you will be offered with great opportunity, that’s stress’s plan, sometimes in the daily life we often reject the stress with our consciousness because we consider problem never stops coming within our working activity, in fact we don't have enthusiasm in our working activity, the root of problem is lack of enthusiasm, not caused by stress.

The next question is, how to reduce stress? The first thing you must prepare is retool your philosophy, improve what you need to improve, for example; making the critical question, find something that's making you inspired, discard the subject which is causing you get stressed easily, the second thing is create new habit, not revolution, habit is very powerful tool, I remind you that we can change our attitude not because by chance, but we already end our unproductive attitude, so every day at least you can train yourself within 3 months probationary to discard the old habit and build the productive hobby or passion, now i conclude that every passion has next destination, it will encourage you to face the unpleasant thing and passion will give you another option till you will come to your destination and also in every day passion will help you to cut down the inessential stress, so please keep staying together with passion.


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