How to relieve stress

          Today I would like to share how to relieve stress, the reason why I choose the topic because we ourselves almost meet with stress every single day, especially when we are working at company or running business, now I will explain how to relieve stress, the first thing I would give you point of view about stress, it has power to help human how to make sure the process of target is working maximally, stress is not part severity disease, stress is part of the developing habit which is produced from human's idea, stress can make a new connection between problem and solution, that’s logical law, stress is just the bridge which can sustain something big on it, it will never become obsolete and it will get stronger, so if you don’t want to accept about logical law as I mentioned earlier, you will not get revelation from what I explain, here is the important note; stress will offer us some benefits and also it will offer loss, stress will start to offer us huge benefits when we have a dream to be pursued and stress will start to offer us a huge loss when we are having stumbling block within our mindset and we are giving up a hope.
stress people can't make clear purpose because they have stumbling block

          That’s option we need to choose, when you feel you are doing something correctly, don’t try to doubt about what you do recently because you will lose the enthusiasm, here is additional note; you will not get anything good when you can’t trust about yourself, you will not get loss the result as long as you are committed by what you are doing correctly, every day we must do soul searching in order to discard the inessential thing in our life, don’t let stress come suddenly without being detected by our conscious mind, here is the rule; stress will not come easily except we train our mind to pull about something unnecessary into our mind, furthermore stress will become bigger when we just keep your emotions down without creating new activity such as walking, running, jumping, exercise regularly, reading favorite book,etc. that is the simple technique how to relieve stress.
stress people only focus on problem, optimist people focus on solution

Stress is like virus, it can propagate the number by itself when there is host which is connected between opportunity and someone’s willingness, we will get stressed easily when we always get along with the pollutant zone, stress can be reducing automatically when we succeed to activate our passionate and we can focus on the right direction, such as "what's priority we can learn?" this question will pull tremendous energy, finally we can reduce the hardest thing to become simpler problem, don’t worry about the side effect about stress, as long as we keep thinking positively, stress has limited time to grow up and stress will be declined when time is over.


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