How to solve the unsolved problem

          Today I would like to share how to socialize about the problem, the reason I choose the topic above mentioned because not all problem don't want to be solved, the reason why i think like that because every problem will demand the different of me, so when we want to solve problem, we need to measure about the inequality of capacity, the meaning of the word “the unsolved problem” means we are not allowed to solve the unsolved problem as long as we haven’t made good preparation within ourselves and when we don't want to take challenge, furthermore we must take the responsibility when we want to solve the problem although seems impossible and irrational, that's the reason why we aren’t allowed to solve the unsolved problem, furthermore we need to fill our capacity with something enlightenment first before we solve problem because every enlightenment will determine the next result, so basically problem doesn’t need our experience in the past, but problem needs our commitment, that's clue how to solve the unpredictable problem, here is the important thing; no matter how great our accomplishment in the past, if we haven’t committed with it, our great resources are not enough to define the unsolved problem, here is another mindset; the unsolved problem means the breakable problem as long as we commit with it, if we runaway from it, the breakable problem will bring greater and severity pain because we are not serious to finish it.

Basically problem wants to test our capacity and test our truly intention whether we are serious to take responsibility or not, our time also will be staked here because we will take the process, when we meet the unsolved problem, all we need to do is find out something related with the subject, if you meet with the unsolved problem, don’t change the destination overnight but believe in mysterious process within it, the meaning of mysterious process is something happen which it's out of our control and it doesn’t take the rational decision, as human being, we don’t take responsibility to all of the process in mysterious way and all we need to do now is observe deeper and let the mysterious process will change the unpleasant circumstance.

solve the unsolved problem by moving your ego into new place

I know it’s not easy to take responsibility, especially when we try to prove that we are capable of what we can do something to problem, no matter whether there is big or small problem, we must take very seriously to finish it unless we all got injured from the pain of problem, remember that every problem always bring a pain and suffering in order to test our endurance, our job is ascertain that ourselves is not attached with pain and suffering first, during problem appearing, we only need to provide the antidote,  the antidote is skill and knowledge, that’s act of maturity to be trouble shooter, once we create the antidote every day, the antidote will create the miracle and it will work for us, remember; if we don’t serious how to finish problem, the problem will curse our future and it will bring more pain and more suffering in order to immobilize our happiness, so we need to discipline our mind first when we want to solve that problem.