Patriots in psychological

Patriot's figure

          Today I would like to share how to become patriot in the simplest way, if we look at the Patriot’s meaning, it is explaining how to become hero who can defend the country’s territory and he can defeat the enemy, but now I will elucidate the purpose of patriot from the different point of view, the first thing with question, what will we do if someone wants us become patriot? then he will give a duty to us and say "stopping against the racism", the reason why someone suggests something like that because that's the major priority of patriot, as social creature, we must not defend your idea by judging other people’s ideas is mediocre, as patriot, we must consider other people’s idea is really amusing, so live peacefully on earth is the major priority from patriot’s mindset, here is patriot's mindset "treat other people well like what we receive good treatment from good people".
Patriot's standing style

          Patriot is not waiting someone else who deserves better life, in fact patriots create something benefit for other people who may need patriot’s service, the second thing, what will we do if someone wants us to become patriot? We must consider vision is important, patriot thinks vision is better than strategy because strategy can’t create vision otherwise vision create multiple strategy if we want to, there’s no excuse for not trying, that’s patriot’s idea and principle into this life, patriot is not thinking or obsessing to make benefit for himself only but patriot is always thinking how to be remembered by other people and how to leave a render of service for other people, so patriot’s mindset is like what hero does although he himself doesn't know whether the product he gives will be liked or will be hated by other people, patriot’s mindset is not thinking about the benefit at first time but he thinks how to make good relationship with others.

          The third thing, what will we do if someone wants us to become patriot? patriot does soul searching in every single day, the reason why I suggest such thing because the best product of patriot's hand is do something valuable, patriot considers doing valuable thing can’t be finished at one time, but patriot always increases the number of the valuable product of service, here is the additional note for you; the more you create the valuable thing, the more number of gift will be given to you in the unexpected ways, so be proud about yourself when  you have good service and you can keep improving about self-reliance, keep exploring about the moment because we can’t always create the momentum , besides that our time is very limited, when we can’t become patriot anymore, at least we can leave a good service to our parents, our siblings, some relatives, other people around the world.


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