Relaxation techniques

relaxation near nature is must

          Today I would like to share how to deal with relaxation techniques, the reason why I choose that topic because relaxation is very needed to cure the side impact from depression, relaxation can be done when we use the human’s emotional intelligence correctly, the principle of emotional intelligence is receiving information from provider first, then we give reaction as comprehensive understanding process, after that we select which best emotion we should prepare to match with information, all one cycle process needs healthy mind, our body is like a machine and it needs relaxation, every human mind and body need relaxation, there are three ways how to get relaxation technique, the first technique how to make relaxation is making incantation about "positive words or grateful words" everyday, the second technique is doing a deep meditation, it's has potential to reduce 25 % disappointed feeling, the third technique is looking for enlightenment from the trusted reference.
relaxation near beach is good option to discard negative mindset

          Relaxation techniques basically can’t be created when we don’t have enough resourcefulness, if we see in the reality life, all people want to feel secure but they do in contrary namely they still compare between the future's time and the past's time, in my opinion; that action will give opportunity to destroy someone's future because they complaint about the time, the most important how to help depression people is awakening their feeling of enthusiasm, the relaxation will follow us when we can control where our emotional intelligence is going, the result of emotional intelligence are discipline, commitment and consistent. 
relaxation technique can draw the unlimited potential energy through nature

Please note; relaxation technique will not be awakened when we don’t practice with our resourcefulness, if you want to find your resourcefulness, dig your potential with knowledge by using your curiosity, use your curiosity to create idea how to make the relaxation technique, do it every day as if you were hungry with relaxation, here is the good news, future time is having a price, when you want to pull your big dream from future, you pull your relaxation technique by using your resourcefulness that's the tool which we can use for drawing unlimited opportunity, relaxation technique is like a magnetic program, it can pull something greater rather than you can imagine it, relaxation technique will give you the additional strength to prolong your peaceful life, when you think chasing dream is really absurd, try to learn how to get the relaxation technique, if you really think you can survive with relaxation technique, no one will stop you to pursue your dream.