Social anxiety disorder

unconditional headache has potential to make someone dead

          Today I would like to share how to recognize about social anxiety disorder, the reason why I say like this because there are many people are getting involved with social anxiety disorder, this problem is not caused by external environment but the problem is coming from people’s mentality, remember; those people who suffer about social anxiety disorder in their mentality, they tend to avoid the crowded place and they will stay away from new comers, so every time they meet with new circumstance, they consider as big risk and they are afraid, now I will let you know about the main reason why social anxiety disorder attack people’s mentality because they had been becoming a victim long time ago by unfairly treatment from rude people and yet they hadn’t found the right people in their circle zone, so the victim would feel lonely, unwelcome, depression, unmotivated, unworthy and feel insecure, now the question is “what will you do if victim is part of your family?” I am sure you will feel sad and unpleasant about it and you may start to call psychologist to heal someone’s mentality disorder.
great sadness will create dissolution of concentration

Please remember; we don’t have control to heal someone who has a social anxiety disorder in his mentality, the victim only needs to be familiarized with nature and the right people to take care of his mentality's growth and the victim needs to be socialized with psychotherapy program, during healing process, we don’t let the external issue will create the victim’s consciousness being interrupted, the first thing what we should do how to heal the victim is “don’t buy drug, but we give victim with full attention, by that it means; we will treat victim with discipline mindset program, that’s the method how to reduce the mentality’s social anxiety disorder, here I would share about the external factor which is making someone got the social anxiety disorder in his mentality, namely the victim often meets with the rude people during his living journey.
mental social anxiety disorder

The second thing what will we do when we meet with someone who got the mentality social anxiety disorder is giving him an empathy, means we will take care about victim’s daily routine activity, so every single day we need to give our best gift to victim such as teach him how to select friend and teach him how to create the resource of happiness, the third thing we must do if we want to help people who got the mentality’s social anxiety disorder is keeping the victim away from the music tone, the reason why I suggest such thing because music has potential to create the subliminal message and it’s affecting victim subconscious mind.
mental disorder will create irrational thinking

if music tone has sad content, it will influence the victim's subconscious mind to get sadness and music tone will overburden victim's mental disorder, music has no potential to neutralize human's mentality disorder, furthermore music tone will block the relaxing motion between the subconscious mind nerves with conscious mind nerves, good therapy method we can offer to the victim is inviting him to go to the flower garden for gardening purpose or inviting him to go to his most favorite place in nature reserve to make unforgotten moment with nature, hopefully this article will help you how to heal victim’s social anxiety disorder in his mentality.