Symptom of depression

A man is losing his purpose of life

          Today I would like to share how to recognize the symptom of depression, the reason why I choose that topic because most people have ever got depression during following the tight schedule, symptom of depression can influence the human's habit and depression has potentially create the unhealthy habit, now I will let you know how to reduce symptom of depression, the first thing we must prepare when we have symptom of depression; stimulate a new habit, this method is used for getting out from unnecessary habit, it sounds easy but it’s very difficult to learn, so unlearn bad habit is the beginning process how to attract new mindset, “if we are willingly to start something better, so we need to end the dangerous process”,it's law, so from today we need to do something different in order to cut the chain of unnecessary habit.
overthinking is part of depression

         depression is caused by the crushed past memory, it was happened when we felt threatened with dishonor treatment, so i would recommend you with several healing process, now the first healing we need to give to the victim is keeping him stayed away from the pollutant zone, please note; symptom of depression is coming because our subconscious mind invites it to come continuity, before we get symptom, we need to break the relationship between the troublemaker and his circle area from the victim, that's critical point, the next question; what if the victim don't want to leave the troublemaker? my opinion is we can offer to victim by being his good listener, so we can share our good experience to him and let victim ponders about his mistake, don’t let him make a connection with past moment again because it can create new pain into his subconscious mind, we can teach him how to create new habit, the only way how to stop bad habit is create productive habit.
           Please avoid to use the difficult word if we want to cure people who get depression because every difficult word will weaken the victim's brain sensory nerves, there is another effective method how to reduce the symptom of depression; offering him with the parenting program, do something like the parents always do to the children, the treatment which is needed by depressed person is making him being protectedthe more you care to someone, the less number of depression will get impact to the victim's memory.
When time ruins the man's single day, it's part of depression program

          Here is last assignment you need to do when you will get depressed, you need to get out from the insecure zone and try to get relaxation as much as you can, you can start to sleep, you can do something related with your hobby, treat someone else with your good hospitality, the most important thing how to forget the depression's impact is making ourselves being forgotten,namely by widening our philosophy, discard the stuff which connected with our bad memory, many other thing, hopefully this article will help you how to maintain your healthy mind and help you to keep your spirit growing.