The invisible world within our mind

Follow your heart but gain knowledge in your head
         Today I would like to share about the invisible world within our mind, the reason why I choose that topic because i would share something great within our brain, i call it as unlimited wealth potential, basically our mind needs visualization when we want to do something, beside our inner potential will determine about something happen outside when we feel good, remember; we can't see the outer world when we are not feeling good, so at this moment I would share how to maximize our invisible world within our mind, our invisible world can attract something outside and it's working like magnetic, there are many ways how to make our mind like a magnetic, but there's question how to attract our mind like magnet, namely"what kind of product do you offer?" this question will maximize our mind. 
Challenge yourself before other people will step ahead on your record

         That's basic question how to maximize our brain's working principle, so we must know about our detailed product, we can't sell something that we don't like it, we must ensure our product related with our passion, remember this note; dream without plan, it's just wishes, so don't ever try to let our passion loses it's desire because it will create time-bomb for ourselves. if you want to maximize our potentialyou must study how to offer to other people although you don’t know how to start, challenge yourself with small accomplishment, the invisible world in our mind can’t work maximal when we don’t know how to make a critical question within our mind

      "The more you work harder to your passion, the more you get chance to make fortune", the reason I say like that because great passion will be author when we can offer critical question to our mind, critical question will help us how to visualize about the method , if your mind succeeds to make crisis condition, let circumstance will work for us and let life will offer you with the fabulous idea, please remember; if  you want to awaken the rich mindset, don’t just demand something you haven’t reached, but start to demand yourself how to awaken the invisible power within yourself , that’s agreement you need to fulfill.
unite your pieces of potential by discipline

          Not everyone wants to recognize their own invisible world because most of them are trying to follow other people’s successful story, in fact Almighty GOD has plan to offer good option to every human how to create destiny in this life, if only everyone could realize about their potential energy, I am sure everyone can make a fortune by their creativity, idea and philosophy, now the question is “how much responsibility you can bear with fortune?” if you can’t make different thing in your life, your soul will not find correct answer automatically, if you want start something you don’t know, you can find a question how to make distinction between what destiny you want to create and what location you want to go there, when you have clear purpose, miracle will help you to offer positive energy.