Travel is like enriching the knowledge

          Today I would like to share how to enrich our knowledge through travelling, the reason why I choose that topic because knowledge is the ultimate power among many resources on earth, but all resources can’t be used when we don’t have enough knowledge to execute, so basically knowledge is like traveling to other place, we can’t determine something when we have not been there before, so we can’t arrive to the next destination when we don’t know how to act, how to feel and how to think about our concern, I know not at all knowledge we can consider it as the trusted resources, at least knowledge will help us to avoid the dangerous thing which may come to our side, that’s major key how to deal with knowledge, sometimes a lot of people don’t realize that every knowledge has power to turn from invisible thing to visible, knowledge is collected from the people’s good experience and bad experience, so before we choose the knowledge, at least we need to select the information whether we can consider it as the trusted knowledge or not, without having much the trusted information, we can’t make deal with problem furthermore we can't make an explicit decision, that’s blind spot we need to eliminate if we want to grow our skill.
the world within our hands when we are being the unlimited resources maker
Now if we take a look from knowledge, please ponder about "what is your concern when someone else is talking to you about knowledge?", I am sure you are going to listen carefully but there is something we should know that the qualified person is determined by the book he is attracted the most and qualified person is determined by group of people he is associating with, knowledge is like the fuel, we can’t serve good communication to them if we lack of information, here is the note; the more you read book, the more you know something you haven’t seen it before, so don’t underestimate about the knowledge because every value of knowledge you serve can turn other people’s mood into good mood and you can be considered as valuable person.
knowledge is power to create creativity

If you now consider reading book is boring activity, please imagine that reading book is like traveling, I know that every traveling spot is needing a lot of money, but when we read book, at least we can save our money because we can surf into other people’s mindset, please remember; every people can’t live peacefully without attaining the source of information, so if we want to be knowledge maker, we have to become a traveler, “the more we visit, the more we know about something mysterious”, life is never flat when we make different thing in every day, when we have the source of information, here is note; everybody is looking for something because they lack of resources and they possibly appreciate us when we can serve about what they need.