What is a hedonistic lifestyle?

          Today I would like to share about how to recognize about hedonistic lifestyle, the reason why I choose that topic because many people in the world prefer to get happiness but they don’t realize about the tool they have usually used to get happiness,  they think happiness is result but they forget something about the tool, the tool how to get happiness is nourishing the kindness, not making party with other people, so every day hedonism believer will do something pleasant in order to attract happiness, in my opinion, it’s not good decision, the reason why I say like that because happiness is part of human’s emotional intelligence, happiness is not label which it can be sold or it can be bought to the market place, but happiness is in state of mood, if we want to awaken the happiness, educate ourselves how to trade something with this life's rule such as investing yourself with knowledge, make someone else enlightened, make a productive hobby for creating value, etc, so happiness can't be built by holding the party, please try to imagine; what will you do now if you are not looking happiness for 10 years later? I am sure you are building feeling of depression before 10 years later, that’s rule.
holding party is the main purpose for hedonism believer

          Hedonistic lifestyle teaches human how to get happiness as the main purpose in this life, but they almost forget that not at all people can live forever in the happiness zone, soon or later everybody will leave on earth in someday, so basically hedonistic lifestyle teaches human being that there is no importance value for education, there’s no value for giving charity, there’s no value for pilgrimage activity, except the hedonistic style is teaching human being how to make living with pleasure as the most important thing, my all concern about the side effect of hedonism is when believers can not find the state of happiness within their mindset, they will do something dangerous thing and bring it other people who don't know about the hedonism belief, the reason why I say such thing because the happiness’s range is unlimited, people can't get all happiness before they will find the resource of happiness, in fact, happiness is created by the state of growth mindset, no matter how strong you are or how wealthy you are now, happiness doesn’t come from that the physical touch, but the happiness comes from the data processing within our mindset.
the Hedonistic party which was being held by the hedonism believer

 I suggest you not to study about the hedonistic lifestyle because it doesn’t guide you how to take the resources of happiness, hedonism is created by group of people who don’t know how to interpret the happiness state, I will remind you that “the resource of happiness is not located at the final journey, but it’s located in journey process”, we can’t reached the happiness all the time by scarifying something , happiness doesn’t need our time to pursue it, but happiness needs our strong commitment and it needs the state of discipline mind, the reason why I say that because happiness is not part of stealing something, but it’s nourishing something.