Why there is war

          Today I would like to share the topic “why there is war”, the reason why I choose that topic because war is often happening when people can’t control their emotional intelligence, the next question is "why war can happen to people’s lives?", war is starting to approach human's lives when they are trying to dominate other people without any permission, they are gaining new power for fulfilling satisfaction, war is caused by greedy's characteristic and permissive attitude, please note; war will not happen as long as there's no social inequality impactif there’s someone who doesn’t accept the circumstance's changes, there is always conflict at everywhere, as ordinary people, they may feel okay with conflict, if they insist to prolong the duration of conflict, so everyone has potential to create a war, 

          War is not always treating bad when you understand about purpose, there is the positive side of war if you want to learn; war is making you thought carefully how to make strategy and tactic skill, the second reason; war is teaching you how to survive with intimidation execution , now here’s the negative side of war; every war you build, it causes you lose self-esteem, war indicates that you don’t have empathy during making relationship with other people, so if you want to eliminate the impact of war, you need to learn something from self-regard, don't let war controls your anger, if war controls your anger, you will lose self-worth, you will have misleading mindset or you will misuse how to handle with your courage, that's side effect about war.

In every human relationship, there must be conflict, but now there is question “how long time do you need to restrain your anger”, that’s important question, the angry people are always making destruction, don’t let war is controlling your inner peace, here is the key how to handle war; when you feel something wrong with your anger, you need to make question about yourself “when you start something angrily, you need to end something peacefully” don’t let war is raging, in my opinion; war is part of unappreciated mindset and it's has been built long time ago by people who have the ungrateful attitude, war is happening not because of fighting or killing people, but war is created by people who don’t know how to maximize self-sufficient, that’s cause how to open opportunity for creating war, please note; war is often being described as picture of hatred, picture of domination, picture of depression, and picture of disappointment.

 so every people has potentially created war, when they don’t use feel unpleasant thing, we need to train ourselves to obsess with integrity such as justice and honesty, we can use both resources to avoid war and create a peace, we can’t live peacefully side by side with other group of people as long as most people always demand something greater rather than reality, starting from now; we need to learn how to reduce small conflict and start to go against with ourselves, the reason why i say such thing because the biggest enemy is not living out there but the biggest enemy is ourselves and our anger has biggest potential to create endless war.


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