How to build a healthy relationship

Build relationship

          Today I would like to share about how to build a healthy relationship, the reason why I choose that topic because I review there are many couples prefer to break their relationship when they don't have solution from their relationship, they think there is ego which will harm to their relationship, in this article I will show you a new mindset how to improve healthy relationship, the first thing you must remember is there is no meaningful relationship when you don't want to accept your spouse’s weaknesses, if you are not willingly to accept your spouse weaknesses, you will never make long journey with your spouse, openness is the key how to create a healthy relationship.
friendship can be built by making new commitment

        The first duty how to build a healthy relationship is learning about your spouse’s personal rights, you can ask your spouse about what dos and don'ts, when you can accept about your spouse’s personal right, your spouse will try to accept about your personal right as well, my advice to you; during building relationship with your spouse, please don’t try to change your spouse’s personal right, especially your spouse is woman, in the woman’s behalf, she feel being respected when you will not change her personal right because her personal right is part of her priceless asset.

If you want to build a healthy relationship, you must convince yourself that your spouse is becoming your irreplaceable assets, don’t let your desire focus on your spouse’s weakness or spouse's love feeling, sometimes our desire can’t differentiate between spouse’s weakness and spouse’s personal interest, so if you are man, please don’t make a bad judgment about woman’s characteristic, especially when your woman’s mood doesn’t want to accept your judgment because one day your woman will give you the multitasking job and you will be asked how to burden her problem.

As man, all we need to give to woman is making good communication and offering the unforgettable moment, in the woman's world, making the unforgettable moment is the most terrific journey in relationship, my suggestion; during building the unforgettable moment with your woman, you must not have the inner conflict with her, that’s guarantee how to make your woman feels respected or feels being loved, one more thing; woman doesn’t like being asked with the critical question because her brain is not designed to become troubleshooting maker, basically woman doesn't need your question, but she needs a man's affirmation, such as giving to her a full attention, remember her birthday, etc.

Now we change the conversation about woman’s personality, as woman, most of them don’t like to hear about promise but she prefers to let her spouse fulfilling any promise, besides that, woman really wants to see about the man’s confidence value is part of self-esteem, this character will give woman feels being appreciated, besides self-esteem’s characteristic is part of leadership, woman likes to see the man’s natural ability, by that it means, something which it can’t be copied or it can’t be replaced easily by others, I think that’s enough to talk about how to build a healthy relationship, I will see you with next topic in my insightful story.

How to manifest your desire quickly

Do not just follow what do you want, but follow where your creativity wants

          Today I would like to share how to manifest your desire quickly, the reason why I choose that topic because many people are losing their desire because their mindset are just jumping to the result without considering about fact and risk, that's why their desire are deceiving their thinking way until they can't escape from their crucial problem, desire is not having a meaningful power when we don't create the destination for our desire, our desire will not create a life track when we just magnify our want above our excuses.
schedule your life before you regret because of losing something

         Remember this note; your desire is not bringing a good thing to you when your desire is bringing benefit to your interest only, the reason why I say like this because human’s skill is being designed to work like the universe’s law, here is for your note; literally the universe and humans are created to become a great distributor, that’s the life system you need to accept, if you reject this system, your heart will lead you to possess the greedy characteristic and also your heart is going to follow the evil purpose, this manifestation is shown to you in order to let you rethink about the reality, the purpose of life system is not requesting about something that you can't create, but life is requesting about responsibility after you can create, don't think creativity will create your life but you must realize what shape of creativity you can learn, creativity is unlimited but you are limited, if you are got unlucky, don't blame your creativity, but blame your consciousness.

I will remind you about the universe’s law; the first law you need to remember is the universe's system is designed to give a service to other creatures and universe will be perished when it stops giving the distribution, if humans don’t follow the universe’s rule, human will live on earth with meaningless purpose, when there is no purpose, humans will get depressed, my opinion is don't let your desire will work by itself and don't let it command you to do something dangerous such hurt yourself by spreading the feeling of hatred,etc, you must lead your desire to the right track, the right track is like the mission on earth, desire is like a fuel, it will not give you the map how to go to the right direction, instead desire will make you confused without knowing where do you want to go, the key of manifest your desire is thinking how to evolve your creativity with your limitation.
Tree of desire

If we want to manifest our desire quickly, we need to recognize the life path we carve it, if we just follow the most people thinking way, we can’t lead our desire to produce manifestation, our desire will work automatically when we enjoy with the long journey process, our desire will not work when we lose the sense of urgency, we must create the manifestation before our time will give us desperation.

Wonder woman

Multitasking job can be done by wonder woman only

          Today I would like to share how to comprehend about living of wonder woman,  if you think about the subject, you may think you will imagine about the film " wonder woman", but in this article i will explain something different about wonder woman's  life style, the reason why I choose that topic because there is something special i want to show you about wonder woman's characteristic, the first special characteristic of wonder woman is the act of understanding, by that it means she can ignore about the work pressure but she can't leave the moment when she is entrusted by someone else to do something, for woman's behalf, feeling of open minded is very important because  it will determine her happiness level.
feeling loved

          Wonder woman feels happy when man can fulfill her personal rights, but when she feel unfulfilled, she will not give her best response to man until man can fulfill about kind of subject she really wants, where man doesn't have it although they are many men out there will appreciate about the woman, the second of wonder woman's characteristic is the act of loyalty, woman can do many jobs when she is being trusted to do something, she can work like the automatic machine, her brain is programmed to get appreciation from the job description she received, for woman's behalf, get appreciation is symbol of being cared and her feeling is being loved.
woman's feeling is lies in her mindset, her body is showing the response

            Woman has something special in her personal rights, woman can be living without being accompanied by man's existence otherwise man can't be standing alone without any woman's existence, by that it means woman has authority to create the meaningful story series when she meets with many men, woman will give the specific value about man's personality when she already meet with man who has something which it can makes that woman interested, so in daily life woman has many experiences about feeling of being loved rather than man because man's brain is not designed to receive feeling of being loved.

          If you are man, this question is suitable to you “how much time you can endure when you are doing multitasking job? Basically man’s brain is programmed not to do multitasking job because man’s ability is working like a laser gun, by that it means man can't receive the multitasking job in one time, so man can’t work maximally when he is entrusted to finish multitasking job, whereas woman’s working style can receive multitasking job although she can't finish them all, basically woman's ability is not designed Almighty GOD to dominate the certain expertise at problem, but woman is designed to give a peace to a man's heart, so when woman can't give a peace to a man's heart, she is not good woman, although she is being appreciated with many compliments from other people.

Awakened soul

awakened soul can be done when you feel neutral (not strong feeling)

          Today I would like to share how to awakened soul, the reason why I choose that topic because most people forget how to awaken their soul when they get failed at achieving target, but now I will tell you about the hidden mistake where most people often do, the first hidden mistake is people focus on the series story of mistakes, not focus on the opportunity they have created, they think 99% failure is just wasting time, in fact failure is just the big scale which it can be used to strengthen of people’s successful story, my suggestion to you is don’t underestimate power of failure, every failure is not designed to waste your time, but every power of failure is teaching you how to comprehend about the process of maturity, there is no adrift failure as long as you keep trying, so failure and mistake are just art of illusion.
sitting with calm minded

           The more you produce new mistake, the more you will be kept away from your anger, the reason why I say like that because anger doesn’t like you how to get successful story, anger doesn't like you to behave patience because patience can be used to exterminate the power of anger, awakened soul can't appear when there is blasting anger, my suggestion is don’t worry about making a new decision, there is no meaningless decision as long as you keep searching what do you really want in  this life, creating productive mistakes is not making you to become stupid, but productive mistakes is helping you how to grow your mentality power.
Intuition is blast when someone can control his darkness

Making one or two mistake is part of strategy how to grow up your mentality power, without any mistake, we can't learn something useful, the more you grow your mentality power, the more you understand a lot how to wake up your subconscious mind, I will remind you that successful story is not important rather than all your productive mistake, if you can hear the productive mistake’s voice, it will say to you “don’t worry about making mistake, one day your successful story will give reward to your productive mistake” by that it means, one day you will no longer productive mistake because your successful story has paid off your winning. At this point I would suggest about new principle you may need to teach your mindset, namely “your trophy is depending your last big mistake” by that it means all of your failure story series are calculated to buy new trophy, our soul is not willing to be awakening when we have never learned about broken heart, losing money and broken rapport, but when you consider mistake is disaster, your mindset is always telling you that you are making big disaster, remember; your qualified mindset is determining your qualified life.
particular energy is going to circle when you keep persistent
   Every great master is always needing a great mistake because he knows great mistake is teaching him how to awaken his soul power, when you consider mistake is your partner, you will not blame mistake, but when you consider mistake is your foolish, you want to become stupid, remember this note; mistake doesn't ask you to like it or not, mistake is requesting you to get out from your circle of hell, if there is no mistake,definitely there is no competition, there is no creativity, there is no idea, there is no progress, finally life system is going to be bored at anytime, remember about this note; productive mistake can be used to feed of your soul, don’t let your soul get hungry because there is nothing else you can feed for your soul except the experience and mistake.
here is for your reference >>>Law of attraction

Happiness is a state of mind

happiness equals the qualified habit

          Today I would like to share how to create happiness with the simple method, the reason why I choose that topic because there’s something I want to show you before happiness will leave us, the first thing when you hear about the happiness, you may think that happiness can give you an extra money, free lunch, or something, in fact happiness can provide new opportunity such as influence and fame, happiness is just unremarkable tool which it can help you to step forward to the new place where you can create your passion, happiness is not happening to you automatically, happiness always needs strategy until you break the finish line, by that it means you need to run with your knowledge, run with your physical health and run with your inspirational story until your happiness is formed, so if you want to build happiness in your mind, you must collect some new story until you get inspired, you can’t build happiness by making hope or waiting someone else to fix your mindset, happiness is a state of mind, you need to train you mind to explore until you meet with something you really looking for, happiness not just symbol of winning, but happiness is part of intermediate process which is teaching you how to stay away from negativity until you become a visionary leader.
self control, habit and willpower can create happiness

To make a new pattern into your life, you need to unlearn the unproductive habit until you can create a new pattern of habit, use your new pattern of habit to find your pattern of creativity, I just remind you that happiness is the tool, not destination, when you can’t have the tool, you can’t go to your destination, make sure you must have tool which it can assist you to go to the place where it can grow your skill, at this point you must be careful because not all places can grow your skill, by that it means you can’t go at anywhere place, before you decide to go to the new place, you must be passionate at something, make sure you can match between your passion with the place you want to go.
Happiness is welcoming opportunity and learning about problem

You must use your tool to make your mind is craving, new mindset determines the level of your happiness, so happiness is not just happening with good moment, happiness is like longest journey, not the last destination, once you upgrade your mentality intelligence, you can prolong your happiness journey with your mindset level, please ensure you have glorious mission when you build happiness because without having glorious mission, your life will hurt you, and also you will hurt other people’s happiness, the first thing you must do if you build happiness is thinking out of the box, by that it means you need to review about your level thinking, make sure you will not think such most people think, Here is for your daily note, make sure your daily activity is producing a visionary mindset because you will not get happiness from what you are thinking but you will get happiness from what you deserve.

What’s Philanthropist

          Today I would share something concerning with philanthropist, the reason why I choose that topic because I just want to give you different opinion about type of purpose that philanthropist usually does, if i compare with the common people’s opinion, they think philanthropist is kind of rich person who is always caring, donating, and giving something benefits to the poor people, especially giving money, but now I will elucidate the statement "everybody can become philanthropist", first thing I would like you to learn about the philanthropist lifestyle first, what we can learn is about the philanthropist's habit, his habit is not only spending money to poor people, but philanthropist wants to spread his influence, his principle and his personal lifestyle story, I think everybody can become a philanthropist although they are not becoming rich as long as poor people have learned about philanthropist's mindset, the reason why I say poor people can become philanthropist because philanthropist is just symbol of the incredible power which can dominate the world by adding the new resources in every activity, the key how to become philanthropist is located in habit and mindset, it is not lies in the amount of money.

Everybody can become philanthropist as long as they have good principle and strong characteristic such water on earth surface, oxygen in the air and sun in the universe, for example; if you see the water, water is ubiquitous and it has outnumber quantity, water has power to provide good thing to everybody’s daily needs although everybody can’t pay the merit to the water, by that it means, as long as you have solution to every human’s problem, other people will search your name as if you were becoming a philanthropist, although now you are not philanthropist, don’t worry although you have no money because everything you have can be turned into market place as long as you don’t make high expectation to the other people or as long as you don’t think other people can pay you with high return, on contrary, when other people can pay you back with high return, you are no longer become philanthropist, so you must take note that statement.
Philanthropist's mindset is working like a universe's law

Start from now, please don’t count your chicken until they hatch, by that it means don’t count your merit although you can give it to all people around you, here is the important thing; the philanthropist’s mindset is not talking how much money they are spending, but how much affection they can build after they are spending much money, you must have strong power, not making a force, when you use a force to change everything you want, you will ruin everything you build, please maximize your unique system by creating a masterpiece such as the air which is producing oxygen and carbon dioxide, I hope you can train your mindset how to become philanthropist, the more you give the more you receive, the more you ask, the more you will get answer.

Happy thanksgiving

          Today I would like to share how to commemorate happy thanksgiving, the reason why I choose that topic because thanksgiving is part of expression ritual which is connected with Almighty GOD, besides that thanksgiving is part of the human’s attitude how to appreciate all the things they received from the grace of Almighty GOD, actually thanksgiving ritual is not part of formal education, but this ritual is a great channel for releasing your emotion and how you get connected with Almighty GOD, i just remind you thanksgiving is not part of religion demands, but it's part of the result of your happiness state, it doesn't matter when you have nothing, as long as you have feeling of gratitude, all of your efforts will be appreciated and the universe will give you the link of wealthy mind.
having feast is part of thanksgiving ritual

       Remember this note; what we left on earth is not what you earn, but what you pay, by that it means this universe is teaching you about the new way how to create feeling of thanksgiving, the definition of thanksgiving is not only about appreciating what you received, but also what you pay something such as you will spend our time to work, you spend your effort to pursue your dream and you spend your legacy to make better living, so that's meaningful story if you want to get connected with thanksgiving ritual, without having thanksgiving ritual, you can’t produce feeling good within daily routine activity and also you can’t get motivated about the thing you have done, the taste of feeling good can't be represented by the good stuff, no matter how much money do you have in your life, but when you don't have inner peace, you will get mental disorder, here is good news; once good feeling is working on your habit, it will give the spark to your philosophy and it will lead your way to the new revolution.

 Every day whether you like it or not with life circumstance, you must watch your mental health, when you just walk without attaining the positive vibes, you will never arrive to your next destination, so practice your mind with thanksgiving ritual is good option because you can prevent your mind from feeling of anxious, depression and insecure feeling, now the question is “how long you can adapt with new circumstance every day?” the reason why i ask such question because that question will give you an option how you can survive, when you have answer from that question, i am certain you will feel like staying at home although you are going to somewhere, this is important clue, our positive mindset is started with good feeling, so when everything we feel is good, our negativity will become neutral.

  Our destination in life is not just the ordinary path that you think is very important to follow every day, you must create a good content within your speaking skill before you speak about the truth, life will give us the different path when we keep gratitude, we need a concept how to make artificial life when we want to prolong our happiness state, thanksgiving is one of method how to prolong happiness, thanksgiving ritual is not just making a visit with our family or distant relatives, but it will teach you how you care, how you appreciate and how you create something good for other people. 

How to get out of negativity

stop to dwell with negativity

          Today I would like to share how to get out of negativity, the reason why I choose that topic because most people are trapped in their own negativity until they consider to blame negativity rather than improve their personal characteristic, in this article i would affirm that negativity is not making us suffer, but negativity is started when we lack of enthusiasm or we lack of knowledge, furthermore negativity stops running when we don't want to study about peace, so negativity is the unknown energy where it will lead human how to dominate the unlimited potential within human's mind, besides that negativity is not intended to give human a negative thinking, but negativity is part of result from lack of humans self-control.
Uninstall negativity by making discipline of mind

        Negativity is created by Almighty GOD not to give human a bad influence but negativity is teaching us how to generate the positive energy within our mindset, the reason why i say like that negative energy doesn't produce negativity, but negative energy produces feeling of fear and worry in order to teach human how to think and consider about how to create troubleshooting, discipline is part of inner pain of human body, we can't get stronger when there is no problem, but now I will give you a nice strategy how to think different about negativity, first of all I would explain; there is no meaningful life when there is no balance in life, positive energy and negative energy are having main role to create the unlimited power in this universe, so we can defeat our negativity by exterminating the evil purpose within our brain system, please note; evil purpose is not same with negative energy, evil purpose from human's wanderlust and negative energy from the universe, negative energy basically can work like security dog, they will can give us a security when we slipped from the truth of life.
Warning from every human's self-control

Here is the rule; there is no meaningful positive if there’s no negativity, the reason why I say like that because positive can’t work alone without attaching with negative energy, negative energy will give protection to positive energy when there’s attack from the evil power, besides that we can’t live peacefully on earth without combining positive energy and negative energy together, the only reason why we need negative energy because negative will help us to maximize the potential energy, but when you think negativity about negative energy, you will get frustrated because you try to attack negative energy, as i said earlier, negative energy is working like security dog and positive energy is working like a communication channel.

So start from now, don’t use your negativity towards size of problem because you will not get idea from it, but when you use positive thinking towards problem, you will create fabulous idea, so basically negative energy and positive energy are having respective duty to help human how to create solution, we can’t omit negative energy from our body and brain because all function are working in human’s system, human system needs acceleration and deceleration, acceleration is represented with positive energy and deceleration is represented with negative energy, so as human being, we can delegate negative energy to protect our mindset from evil power which may harm our life experience data whereas we can use positive energy to create happiness, health and peace, we can’t escape from negativity as long as we use feeling of pain to create sadness, good news is we can rid of the evil purpose from negativity by activating power of hope, remember this note; power of hope can be alive when we insist to fertilize our mind with vibration of expertise, the more we learn the more we see the new changes within our attitude, the evil purpose is happening because we lack of hope and we are reluctant to accept reality and the truth.

The flower of life

Flower bed

          Today I would like to share about the flower of life, the reason why I choose that topic because every flower is representing hope and future, when flower is wilt, life is going to depress, when flower is blossoming, hope turns into reality, flower is unique and eye opener, if we can see about the flower, it’s blooming when the season is spring, if we see the truth about flower, every flower is not blossoming at the same time and also flower is not blossoming when there’s no sunrise, by that it means every hope will not happen when we are dreaming only, dream can't attract hope when we don't activate passion, so our job how we can set a sail to the right direction, if we can't make our dream is vivid and reasonable, our life will end depression, remember this note; our dream is not working properly when our daily activity doesn’t produce something benefit to many people, every day we must ignite our will of fire to move our boat against the wind and we must maximize our sense of urgency to pursue our dream unless we want our sail direction goes towards to the wrong way.
bunch of flowers

          besides that our life is not having meaningful story when we can't produce the opportunity, flower is representing the meaningful life story, when we can't be good person, our life story is going to depress, every day we need to fertilize our dream with enthusiasm and practice, this life is not compromising about what do you want in life, as human being we can make good experience but we don't always make time to produce meaningful story to other peopleso if we want to make better life, we must produce meaningful story to other people, if we follow this habit, we are representing the purpose of flower living.
Pink sun flower

           our time is very limited and time will not compromise about what we do or what we are excited about our plan, this life is teaching us how to become unique like a flower, the reason why we need to become an unique creature because life is planning a prosperous living for every human being, many people are chasing better income rather than better life, no wonder every day they stay with depression, living with a better life is not having same meaning with having a better income because they think money will become the main resource, remember this note; better life is making you freedom and teach you how to produce the art of fortune whereas better income is making you being robotif you want to make better life, play your own game and be your best version of yourself, then you create your own rule and be a pioneer for future, when you become unique, do something what you can do and try something that you never did before.
flower and butterfly

          This universe’s law doesn’t teach us how to make good memory and bad memory, but the universe's law teaches us how to create the opportunity, opportunity will teach human how to take responsibility, without taking new responsibility, our life is not meaningful, if we want to make our life is meaningful, we can make series of idea and we let idea will find a new resources and inspiration, when we already collect good resources from idea, we can create the source of happiness for other people, that's flower living, every day flower is producing the nutrition story for other creatures although they can't pay back to the flower, i think that's enough how to learn about flower of life.

Father’s day

Father and son

          Today I would like to share how to appreciate about father’s day, the reason I choose that topic because I want to invite your heart how to appreciate about what father always do when we don’t do, father is like backbone, he will sustain every problem piece by piece which is happening to the family’s member, he will sacrifice his time and his huge effort to support his family member such as fixing the house’s maintenance, earning money to welfare a family’s daily needs, etc. father is a truly tireless worker who can become trustworthy person, almost every day he succumbs to something he liked in order he can fulfill the family member needs such as worldly stuff, he is having full energy, he acts like hero without wearing a mask and he has never complained about tired of working because he knows he is capable to make a surprising wealth, I can't imagine how much effort he needs to bear the pain what family member feel.
Father is teaching his son with knowledge

He always do something greater rather than what we can imagine as a child and father will take care of family as if he never takes care about himself, every time he will try to get tired, he ignores it, he refuses it, he neglects it, he works as professional worker who is working for everlasting and he never stops supporting his family’s daily need, I know it is not easy to be father, but as child, at least we can appreciate what he creates something for family, no matter how long we stay together with father, we never return all merits he could do since we were born, father needs his children to follow what he commands and father needs someone to hand down his footstep and he hopes his children can make better world and children can make a better living for next family tree, father needs to know about children's successful story and father wants to listen his children's masterpiece.
Father is getting old and he needs a dedicated children

Here is the unique of father’s characteristic; when father doesn’t have any money, he never asks his children for money, but when father has an extra money on his savings, he never forget to welfare his children although his children can’t create happiness for their father, based on father’s day, I hope we are as children, at least we can support our father although our father doesn’t need any help from us, father actually eager to listen his children's career whether his children’s career is getting more prosperous rather than their father’s skill, the father’s purpose is his children will bring good reputation and create something benefit that their father can't afford to do for other people.

What is your legacy?

legacy is like miniature of tree where it needs growing

          Today I would like to share how to recognize the human's legacy, the reason why I choose that topic because most people don’t know how to build legacy in the rest of their time being, if I will give this question to ordinary people, maybe few people will give the common answer “my legacy is unconditional love and my family”, but if you answer with that statement, you will burn your love, so if you want to build legacy, make sure it is coming from your skill set, not because all people who gives you support, now I will explain about legacy, basically the legacy is like a seed that you need to implant long time ago, it can be staying forever with you and the result of your growing seed can be used to all generation although they have never paid you or they don’t recognize about your self-identity, that’s I call it a legacy, in this article I want to share how to make legacy without waiting the prosperous people to help you, the first thing you need to prepare if you want to build legacy is answering this question “what is your best philosophy” Please remember; every philosophy you choose, it will determine about the level of emotion, every good emotion will guide you how to create your qualified sense of responsibility for your legacy.
Legacy is the key to unlock the grace of Almighty GOD

Every belief within your mindset is formed by the power of philosophy, when you think good about the result, everything you taste will make value for yourself, when you think bad about the result, everything you taste will return to you, value is coming from your power of belief, if your belief is not suited with your target, you can’t make legacy, besides that legacy can't be compromised with human's low of standard, legacy needs the perspective of good idea and it needs a lot of patience, when we can implant something today, tomorrow we will see our legacy, without today's implanting, there is no legacy, now there is question to you to measure your legacy “how much value you can create and how much responsibility you can bear?”, the more you can take big responsibility, the more you get maturity in your attitude.
legacy is act of kindness, not disaster

 So we need to identify about our legacy's level and also we need to testify whether our legacy can be handed down to the next generation or not, if our legacy will bring disaster to other people, we can’t call it as legacy, but it’s self-punishment, the criteria of good legacy is kind of something which can bring good influence to other people and other people get enlightened from your service, the second criteria of good legacy is all people and next generation can’t forget about your service although you are already passed away.