Awakened soul

awakened soul can be done when you feel neutral (not strong feeling)

          Today I would like to share how to awakened soul, the reason why I choose that topic because most people forget how to awaken their soul when they get failed at achieving target, but now I will tell you about the hidden mistake where most people often do, the first hidden mistake is people focus on the series story of mistakes, not focus on the opportunity they have created, they think 99% failure is just wasting time, in fact failure is just the big scale which it can be used to strengthen of people’s successful story, my suggestion to you is don’t underestimate power of failure, every failure is not designed to waste your time, but every power of failure is teaching you how to comprehend about the process of maturity, there is no adrift failure as long as you keep trying, so failure and mistake are just art of illusion.
sitting with calm minded

           The more you produce new mistake, the more you will be kept away from your anger, the reason why I say like that because anger doesn’t like you how to get successful story, anger doesn't like you to behave patience because patience can be used to exterminate the power of anger, awakened soul can't appear when there is blasting anger, my suggestion is don’t worry about making a new decision, there is no meaningless decision as long as you keep searching what do you really want in  this life, creating productive mistakes is not making you to become stupid, but productive mistakes is helping you how to grow your mentality power.
Intuition is blast when someone can control his darkness

Making one or two mistake is part of strategy how to grow up your mentality power, without any mistake, we can't learn something useful, the more you grow your mentality power, the more you understand a lot how to wake up your subconscious mind, I will remind you that successful story is not important rather than all your productive mistake, if you can hear the productive mistake’s voice, it will say to you “don’t worry about making mistake, one day your successful story will give reward to your productive mistake” by that it means, one day you will no longer productive mistake because your successful story has paid off your winning. At this point I would suggest about new principle you may need to teach your mindset, namely “your trophy is depending your last big mistake” by that it means all of your failure story series are calculated to buy new trophy, our soul is not willing to be awakening when we have never learned about broken heart, losing money and broken rapport, but when you consider mistake is disaster, your mindset is always telling you that you are making big disaster, remember; your qualified mindset is determining your qualified life.
particular energy is going to circle when you keep persistent
   Every great master is always needing a great mistake because he knows great mistake is teaching him how to awaken his soul power, when you consider mistake is your partner, you will not blame mistake, but when you consider mistake is your foolish, you want to become stupid, remember this note; mistake doesn't ask you to like it or not, mistake is requesting you to get out from your circle of hell, if there is no mistake,definitely there is no competition, there is no creativity, there is no idea, there is no progress, finally life system is going to be bored at anytime, remember about this note; productive mistake can be used to feed of your soul, don’t let your soul get hungry because there is nothing else you can feed for your soul except the experience and mistake.
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