Father’s day

Father and son

          Today I would like to share how to appreciate about father’s day, the reason I choose that topic because I want to invite your heart how to appreciate about what father always do when we don’t do, father is like backbone, he will sustain every problem piece by piece which is happening to the family’s member, he will sacrifice his time and his huge effort to support his family member such as fixing the house’s maintenance, earning money to welfare a family’s daily needs, etc. father is a truly tireless worker who can become trustworthy person, almost every day he succumbs to something he liked in order he can fulfill the family member needs such as worldly stuff, he is having full energy, he acts like hero without wearing a mask and he has never complained about tired of working because he knows he is capable to make a surprising wealth, I can't imagine how much effort he needs to bear the pain what family member feel.
Father is teaching his son with knowledge

He always do something greater rather than what we can imagine as a child and father will take care of family as if he never takes care about himself, every time he will try to get tired, he ignores it, he refuses it, he neglects it, he works as professional worker who is working for everlasting and he never stops supporting his family’s daily need, I know it is not easy to be father, but as child, at least we can appreciate what he creates something for family, no matter how long we stay together with father, we never return all merits he could do since we were born, father needs his children to follow what he commands and father needs someone to hand down his footstep and he hopes his children can make better world and children can make a better living for next family tree, father needs to know about children's successful story and father wants to listen his children's masterpiece.
Father is getting old and he needs a dedicated children

Here is the unique of father’s characteristic; when father doesn’t have any money, he never asks his children for money, but when father has an extra money on his savings, he never forget to welfare his children although his children can’t create happiness for their father, based on father’s day, I hope we are as children, at least we can support our father although our father doesn’t need any help from us, father actually eager to listen his children's career whether his children’s career is getting more prosperous rather than their father’s skill, the father’s purpose is his children will bring good reputation and create something benefit that their father can't afford to do for other people.