Happiness is a state of mind

happiness equals the qualified habit

          Today I would like to share how to create happiness with the simple method, the reason why I choose that topic because there’s something I want to show you before happiness will leave us, the first thing when you hear about the happiness, you may think that happiness can give you an extra money, free lunch, or something, in fact happiness can provide new opportunity such as influence and fame, happiness is just unremarkable tool which it can help you to step forward to the new place where you can create your passion, happiness is not happening to you automatically, happiness always needs strategy until you break the finish line, by that it means you need to run with your knowledge, run with your physical health and run with your inspirational story until your happiness is formed, so if you want to build happiness in your mind, you must collect some new story until you get inspired, you can’t build happiness by making hope or waiting someone else to fix your mindset, happiness is a state of mind, you need to train you mind to explore until you meet with something you really looking for, happiness not just symbol of winning, but happiness is part of intermediate process which is teaching you how to stay away from negativity until you become a visionary leader.
self control, habit and willpower can create happiness

To make a new pattern into your life, you need to unlearn the unproductive habit until you can create a new pattern of habit, use your new pattern of habit to find your pattern of creativity, I just remind you that happiness is the tool, not destination, when you can’t have the tool, you can’t go to your destination, make sure you must have tool which it can assist you to go to the place where it can grow your skill, at this point you must be careful because not all places can grow your skill, by that it means you can’t go at anywhere place, before you decide to go to the new place, you must be passionate at something, make sure you can match between your passion with the place you want to go.
Happiness is welcoming opportunity and learning about problem

You must use your tool to make your mind is craving, new mindset determines the level of your happiness, so happiness is not just happening with good moment, happiness is like longest journey, not the last destination, once you upgrade your mentality intelligence, you can prolong your happiness journey with your mindset level, please ensure you have glorious mission when you build happiness because without having glorious mission, your life will hurt you, and also you will hurt other people’s happiness, the first thing you must do if you build happiness is thinking out of the box, by that it means you need to review about your level thinking, make sure you will not think such most people think, Here is for your daily note, make sure your daily activity is producing a visionary mindset because you will not get happiness from what you are thinking but you will get happiness from what you deserve.