Happy thanksgiving

          Today I would like to share how to commemorate happy thanksgiving, the reason why I choose that topic because thanksgiving is part of expression ritual which is connected with Almighty GOD, besides that thanksgiving is part of the human’s attitude how to appreciate all the things they received from the grace of Almighty GOD, actually thanksgiving ritual is not part of formal education, but this ritual is a great channel for releasing your emotion and how you get connected with Almighty GOD, i just remind you thanksgiving is not part of religion demands, but it's part of the result of your happiness state, it doesn't matter when you have nothing, as long as you have feeling of gratitude, all of your efforts will be appreciated and the universe will give you the link of wealthy mind.
having feast is part of thanksgiving ritual

       Remember this note; what we left on earth is not what you earn, but what you pay, by that it means this universe is teaching you about the new way how to create feeling of thanksgiving, the definition of thanksgiving is not only about appreciating what you received, but also what you pay something such as you will spend our time to work, you spend your effort to pursue your dream and you spend your legacy to make better living, so that's meaningful story if you want to get connected with thanksgiving ritual, without having thanksgiving ritual, you can’t produce feeling good within daily routine activity and also you can’t get motivated about the thing you have done, the taste of feeling good can't be represented by the good stuff, no matter how much money do you have in your life, but when you don't have inner peace, you will get mental disorder, here is good news; once good feeling is working on your habit, it will give the spark to your philosophy and it will lead your way to the new revolution.

 Every day whether you like it or not with life circumstance, you must watch your mental health, when you just walk without attaining the positive vibes, you will never arrive to your next destination, so practice your mind with thanksgiving ritual is good option because you can prevent your mind from feeling of anxious, depression and insecure feeling, now the question is “how long you can adapt with new circumstance every day?” the reason why i ask such question because that question will give you an option how you can survive, when you have answer from that question, i am certain you will feel like staying at home although you are going to somewhere, this is important clue, our positive mindset is started with good feeling, so when everything we feel is good, our negativity will become neutral.

  Our destination in life is not just the ordinary path that you think is very important to follow every day, you must create a good content within your speaking skill before you speak about the truth, life will give us the different path when we keep gratitude, we need a concept how to make artificial life when we want to prolong our happiness state, thanksgiving is one of method how to prolong happiness, thanksgiving ritual is not just making a visit with our family or distant relatives, but it will teach you how you care, how you appreciate and how you create something good for other people.