How to build a healthy relationship

Build relationship

          Today I would like to share about how to build a healthy relationship, the reason why I choose that topic because I review there are many couples prefer to break their relationship when they don't have solution from their relationship, they think there is ego which will harm to their relationship, in this article I will show you a new mindset how to improve healthy relationship, the first thing you must remember is there is no meaningful relationship when you don't want to accept your spouse’s weaknesses, if you are not willingly to accept your spouse weaknesses, you will never make long journey with your spouse, openness is the key how to create a healthy relationship.
friendship can be built by making new commitment

        The first duty how to build a healthy relationship is learning about your spouse’s personal rights, you can ask your spouse about what dos and don'ts, when you can accept about your spouse’s personal right, your spouse will try to accept about your personal right as well, my advice to you; during building relationship with your spouse, please don’t try to change your spouse’s personal right, especially your spouse is woman, in the woman’s behalf, she feel being respected when you will not change her personal right because her personal right is part of her priceless asset.

If you want to build a healthy relationship, you must convince yourself that your spouse is becoming your irreplaceable assets, don’t let your desire focus on your spouse’s weakness or spouse's love feeling, sometimes our desire can’t differentiate between spouse’s weakness and spouse’s personal interest, so if you are man, please don’t make a bad judgment about woman’s characteristic, especially when your woman’s mood doesn’t want to accept your judgment because one day your woman will give you the multitasking job and you will be asked how to burden her problem.

As man, all we need to give to woman is making good communication and offering the unforgettable moment, in the woman's world, making the unforgettable moment is the most terrific journey in relationship, my suggestion; during building the unforgettable moment with your woman, you must not have the inner conflict with her, that’s guarantee how to make your woman feels respected or feels being loved, one more thing; woman doesn’t like being asked with the critical question because her brain is not designed to become troubleshooting maker, basically woman doesn't need your question, but she needs a man's affirmation, such as giving to her a full attention, remember her birthday, etc.

Now we change the conversation about woman’s personality, as woman, most of them don’t like to hear about promise but she prefers to let her spouse fulfilling any promise, besides that, woman really wants to see about the man’s confidence value is part of self-esteem, this character will give woman feels being appreciated, besides self-esteem’s characteristic is part of leadership, woman likes to see the man’s natural ability, by that it means, something which it can’t be copied or it can’t be replaced easily by others, I think that’s enough to talk about how to build a healthy relationship, I will see you with next topic in my insightful story.