How to get out of negativity

stop to dwell with negativity

          Today I would like to share how to get out of negativity, the reason why I choose that topic because most people are trapped in their own negativity until they consider to blame negativity rather than improve their personal characteristic, in this article i would affirm that negativity is not making us suffer, but negativity is started when we lack of enthusiasm or we lack of knowledge, furthermore negativity stops running when we don't want to study about peace, so negativity is the unknown energy where it will lead human how to dominate the unlimited potential within human's mind, besides that negativity is not intended to give human a negative thinking, but negativity is part of result from lack of humans self-control.
Uninstall negativity by making discipline of mind

        Negativity is created by Almighty GOD not to give human a bad influence but negativity is teaching us how to generate the positive energy within our mindset, the reason why i say like that negative energy doesn't produce negativity, but negative energy produces feeling of fear and worry in order to teach human how to think and consider about how to create troubleshooting, discipline is part of inner pain of human body, we can't get stronger when there is no problem, but now I will give you a nice strategy how to think different about negativity, first of all I would explain; there is no meaningful life when there is no balance in life, positive energy and negative energy are having main role to create the unlimited power in this universe, so we can defeat our negativity by exterminating the evil purpose within our brain system, please note; evil purpose is not same with negative energy, evil purpose from human's wanderlust and negative energy from the universe, negative energy basically can work like security dog, they will can give us a security when we slipped from the truth of life.
Warning from every human's self-control

Here is the rule; there is no meaningful positive if there’s no negativity, the reason why I say like that because positive can’t work alone without attaching with negative energy, negative energy will give protection to positive energy when there’s attack from the evil power, besides that we can’t live peacefully on earth without combining positive energy and negative energy together, the only reason why we need negative energy because negative will help us to maximize the potential energy, but when you think negativity about negative energy, you will get frustrated because you try to attack negative energy, as i said earlier, negative energy is working like security dog and positive energy is working like a communication channel.

So start from now, don’t use your negativity towards size of problem because you will not get idea from it, but when you use positive thinking towards problem, you will create fabulous idea, so basically negative energy and positive energy are having respective duty to help human how to create solution, we can’t omit negative energy from our body and brain because all function are working in human’s system, human system needs acceleration and deceleration, acceleration is represented with positive energy and deceleration is represented with negative energy, so as human being, we can delegate negative energy to protect our mindset from evil power which may harm our life experience data whereas we can use positive energy to create happiness, health and peace, we can’t escape from negativity as long as we use feeling of pain to create sadness, good news is we can rid of the evil purpose from negativity by activating power of hope, remember this note; power of hope can be alive when we insist to fertilize our mind with vibration of expertise, the more we learn the more we see the new changes within our attitude, the evil purpose is happening because we lack of hope and we are reluctant to accept reality and the truth.