How to handle false belief

          Today I would like to share how to handle false belief, the reason why I choose that topic because many people do not comprehend enough about type of belief they choose, every day every person uses belief to make decision, but very few people still can't recognize why they must have own belief to determine future, so if you want to know about your future's plan, you remember this note; without having certain specific belief, every decision we make can't create solution, so the qualified contents of our belief system is produced by the critical question and the curiosity level, now the question is "what if we get a false belief ?" we can use our bad experience to prevent new mistake to come, our past mistake sometimes can be good teacher for blocking similar mistake to come, if we want to handle a false belief, we need to collect good experiences to unlearn the false belief and we can reuse successful people's story to reduce our wrong principle, here is the important note; the false belief basically is obtained from our lack of enthusiasm and our lack of knowledge.
strong ambition will help human to handle false belief

          In the reality of life whether we like it or not, we will meet critic from other people, remember in this section; every critic is concerned with our unusual response, when people don't get it clear about what we response, most of them will add the topic about “Me time”, so you will get ambush about "me time" until you can't differentiate between your self-esteem and self-reliance, so false belief is always coming from "me time", the more we talk about "Me time", we will never get inspiration from what we learn,  beside that the false belief is usually being made by people who have fixed mindset, remember; every fixed mindset will create rejection, here is the important thing; every rejection is indicated that our brain system which is always blocking us from the higher level of information.

The false belief is caused by fear and regret, both character will make human to taste bad thing in the rest of life, please remember this note; people who have a fixed mindset, they will reject the new information and start to collect false belief from the unknown references because the new standard is opposite with something they usually do, here is the mental disease; false belief and strong disbeliever, if we get caught by both's influence, we can't create any masterpiece, the reason why people can't create masterpiece because they still keep faith with false belief, my opinion to prevent the false belief  is we get from the comfort zone to wisdom zone, by that it means, we will raise our standard "out of the box" to measure how long we walk away from the false belief.

Please remember this note; our emotional intelligence is the supreme resources where it can be used for exterminating false belief, here is the warning sign; false belief is always asking you to stop dreaming and making an excuse to decelerate your intellectual intelligence level, please don't just depend your intellectual intelligence to determine your success because human’s intellectual intelligence is very restricted to endure how long your capacity can survive with the work pressure, so my advice to you; use your emotional intelligence to accurate which destination will lead your career to the right directionthe more we learn, the more we can improve our faith, the more we improve our belief system, the more farther we leave from false belief.