How to manifest your desire quickly

Do not just follow what do you want, but follow where your creativity wants

          Today I would like to share how to manifest your desire quickly, the reason why I choose that topic because many people are losing their desire because their mindset are just jumping to the result without considering about fact and risk, that's why their desire are deceiving their thinking way until they can't escape from their crucial problem, desire is not having a meaningful power when we don't create the destination for our desire, our desire will not create a life track when we just magnify our want above our excuses.
schedule your life before you regret because of losing something

         Remember this note; your desire is not bringing a good thing to you when your desire is bringing benefit to your interest only, the reason why I say like this because human’s skill is being designed to work like the universe’s law, here is for your note; literally the universe and humans are created to become a great distributor, that’s the life system you need to accept, if you reject this system, your heart will lead you to possess the greedy characteristic and also your heart is going to follow the evil purpose, this manifestation is shown to you in order to let you rethink about the reality, the purpose of life system is not requesting about something that you can't create, but life is requesting about responsibility after you can create, don't think creativity will create your life but you must realize what shape of creativity you can learn, creativity is unlimited but you are limited, if you are got unlucky, don't blame your creativity, but blame your consciousness.

I will remind you about the universe’s law; the first law you need to remember is the universe's system is designed to give a service to other creatures and universe will be perished when it stops giving the distribution, if humans don’t follow the universe’s rule, human will live on earth with meaningless purpose, when there is no purpose, humans will get depressed, my opinion is don't let your desire will work by itself and don't let it command you to do something dangerous such hurt yourself by spreading the feeling of hatred,etc, you must lead your desire to the right track, the right track is like the mission on earth, desire is like a fuel, it will not give you the map how to go to the right direction, instead desire will make you confused without knowing where do you want to go, the key of manifest your desire is thinking how to evolve your creativity with your limitation.
Tree of desire

If we want to manifest our desire quickly, we need to recognize the life path we carve it, if we just follow the most people thinking way, we can’t lead our desire to produce manifestation, our desire will work automatically when we enjoy with the long journey process, our desire will not work when we lose the sense of urgency, we must create the manifestation before our time will give us desperation.