Law of attraction

Sitting person is part of core how to attract law of attraction

          Today I would like to share about the topic "how to accept about the law of attraction", the reason why I choose that topic because around one million of people in the world are interested about the law of attraction, now I would like to share how to nurture our life with the law of attraction, my purpose to write this topic because i want all of you can create your life with your art of canvas, i will tell you that canvas is representing your life career and your sketch is representing your action, when you have imagination, you use it to attract the law of attraction and universe will give the flow of energy into your capable hands and your hand is connecting between your own journey and the result, when your imagination is drawn into canvas, by that it means, you are responsible for what you have become in the future, beware of that.
three is representing part of the law of attraction

            If we want to make a better future, we need to practice with our law of attraction until we understand how to work together, remember that everybody has the self-reliant which it can be used to lead human's potential to the market place, self-reliant is used to uncover our self-identity (who you are and what is your destiny), we need to test whether our potential is strong enough or not to take more responsibility, the more you attract the law of attraction from universe, the more you will bear greater responsibility, that's law, so we must behold opportunity, behold the power of hope, don’t ever try to shut off our goodness because goodness is part of guarantee when we want to make living with prosperous, here is the additional note; the purpose of law of attraction is promoting your self-identity is being attractive marketer.
Mindset is part of magnet and tool how to take new resources

So don’t be pessimistic although when we lack of money, i will tell you the truth, lack of money is nothing meaningful rather than lack of enthusiasm, so feeling good is part of enthusiasm, the most important thing we can do if we want to awaken the law of attraction is nurturing your life with wisdom, the art of wisdom can change indifferent thing becomes most attractive valuable to other aspect of life, so if you want to attract other people’s attention, you must attract what they desire the most, make yourself more comfortable when you make interaction with human's desire, beware when our desire is active because sometimes it can't differentiate between the essential life and the inessential life, here is the note you need to keep it into your mindset; the more you are curious about the art of life, the more you will get tremendous idea.
mindset will attract everything which is happening in this universe

 Remember this note; the law of attraction can attract the positive energy and negative energy from universe, so be careful at this stage because our circle energy can make funnel for universe’s energy, when we feel about negativity, don’t focus on that core because our power of focus will attract the negativity’s power, otherwise when we attract the positive’s power, our mind will attract the fresh opportunity from unexpected ways, all we need to do when we get caught with negativity is we must stay away from negativity circle area and we can try to remove inessential thing by breaking our pattern of habit, here is last lesson; use the law of attraction to attract the positive energy, not to attract negative energy because the more you attract negative power, the more you create something unattainable and absurdness,  I hope this article will help you how to get the law of attraction, 
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