Learn about Ant Philosophy

Ants on the leaves

          Today I would like to share about the Abundant life through Ant philosophy, the reason why I choose that topic because most people don’t know about their purpose in this life because they consider money is part of everything, in fact life wants us to learn something new, including learn about philosophy, philosophy will give human the clue how to determine the new future, here is the note; new future will not happen when we don’t have good philosophy, the simple way how to make new future is begun from investment to the natural law; we can invest our courage, curiosity, idea, discipline and determination to the natural law, life is demanding us to survive during 24 hours, during the restricted time, we must prepare our best seeds to be implanted for future, if we don’t know how to plan for near future, future's time will create a big disaster for ourselves, so start from now, we need to raise our standard by stepping out from our comfort zone.
Red Ant

In this article I would explain how to determine the simple way how to make our life is meaningful through Ant philosophy, as we know that most people are busy how to earn money but very few people are having self-awareness how to prepare something for future, such as how to improve their philosophy, how to attract knowledge to the market place or how to unlearn bad habit, now we will learn about ant philosophy, ant has several good characteristic, they think and act faster, when there’s food is attracted to the ant’s attention, they will discuss with other team, they don’t like to work alone, they are visionary and strategist, they will leave a mark for easy path, when there’s something block their pathway, they tend to find another way until they succeed to obtain the food, we can conclude that ants are persistent creature and they never give up.
Black Ant

 Beside that ants don’t want to delay something when they meet with target, they are really appreciated about the time being, they act 24 hours as if they were die if they can’t find any food, so there’s positive side we can learn from the Ant philosophy; Ants don't think tomorrow’s time is good time to hunt, they always consider today is always good time for hunting although they have many supplies at their nest, Ants consider today is the last mission and they think tomorrow is death, that’s why Ants are the most powerful creature on earth because they always appreciate about the time, here is the last lesson from Ant philosophy; Ants don’t like to make an excuse but they like to make a mistake, they would rather die if they can't find a food.