Money converter

time VS money

          Today I would like to share about money converter, the reason why I choose that topic because money isn’t interested with human's good product, but money basically needs market place which it can be communicated with human's value, the money converter is the tool which it can make money will stay for everlasting, here i would mention how to build the money converter, the first thing we must do for money is stop focusing by chasing money, but use your focus circle area to keep innovating with your major ability and knowledge, without sense of knowledge value, money is not willingly to work, in this world i see many people prioritize building the market place to take profit as much as they can but very few people forget how to build the life time guarantee for other people.
life time guarantee for customer is part of the money converter

       The lifetime guarantee in which way we need to build for the future is building our legacy for client, maybe it doesn't make any sense and it sounds crazy, i believe, if our legacy can give the positive impact for client continuity, i am sure the client will become a lifetime product user, please don't ever try to shut down your business when you have big reason to start business at the first time, our time is very limited and we can't rewrite history all the time being, so we need the money converter, i would suggest the money’s attention can be drawn when we make a funnel for money’s circulation, the first money converter I would recommend is you must know yourself more than other people know about your story, don’t let other people know your self-identity more than yourself because you will become slavery of yourself, not captain of yourself, that's important, the second money converter i recommend to you is we must befriend with client's major time, in addition we psychologically must realize about what we believe, what we learn, what we sell and what we become, all of them are human's emotion and good emotion can determine the multiple outcome.

Many people are just focusing how to make money by selling product and promoting their personal branding through product, but they forget about how to build money converter, so money converter basically is interested with client's problem and solution you can offer to them, so building a business, you need to plan what you are going to do with your skill set for the future, here is the good news; when you focus on how to build the money converter, you will not feel upset, money is leaving you when you can't control the money’s distribution, so when you focus how to build the money converter, money will pursue you wherever you are, don't forget; the best way how you can do with your money converter is promoting your self-commitment first to your client, for temporary don’t sell your commodity, don’t sell your promise, and don’t sell your ads.

Please create your self-product first when you want to become the money converter, so don’t focus on your loss, don’t focus on your failure, don’t focus on your mistake, don’t focus on your intense emotional feeling, but focus how to collect the life wisdom, don't forget to become student of your wisdom, don’t just become follower of other successful people, the basic training what you can offer to other people is your inspirational story, your influence, your big why, remember this note; money is not interested with how much money do you have, but money is interested with your qualified legacy and money will not leave you when you have money converter. Remember this note in business; the more you increase your momentum, the more you gain power of authority, once you decrease the quota of your momentum by doing something what you don’t really want, you will lose your momentum and finally you will lose your time value.