November rain

squirrel with umbrella 

          Today I would like to share about the topic “November rain”, the reason why I choose that topic because on November, the season is raining, so this is good news for the tropical country, besides that we will learn something benefit about November rain, rain is coming when November is started, during that month we will get drenched when we are walking on the street, by that it means there is no excuse when we reject the rain's timing once it comes on November, this universe has good calculation, if we look carefully on the rain’s philosophy, rain is representing of blessing in disguise, although some people hate with rain, rain is not going to happen as long as there’s no bad thing is happening on earth, so we should not judge something when we don’t know about the natural’s purpose, bad thing will not happen on earth when there’s no better repairing, that’s natural law.
two men are walking in the street

 Blessing is just like raining, raining will be coming when there’s something great awaits on earth, so raining doesn’t have bad intention to make people get sick, raining is just making other people's mindset are enlightened how to keep healthy, raining also can examine whether people’s health are in good condition or not, the  main reason why people hate the rain because they consider it can delay any activity and some people hate the rain because people think raining it creates big flood, please note; nature is working like teacher where it’s giving education to human being, nature will always give a small test to human being, we can't reject the test or we can't deny the test, if there’s no given test, we will not know whether our mentality can get stronger or not.
Heavy rain

I remind you again that raining is not always bringing bad thing to human’s activity, flood is not happening when rain just came, flood began to show up when humans don't care about their environment, so everything in this life needs balance, without balance system, there must have big flood, so the problem is coming from our misbehavior, Something bad is not happening when the balance system is not broken yet, everything in this life has a perfect timing calculation, as long as we keep caring our environment, we will not get bad thing from it, hopefully this article will arise your conscious mind how to keep our environment clean.