Power is released by belief

power of Belief is creating emotional intelligence

          Today I would like to share how to manifest about human belief and power of belief, many of us think that belief is released when there is passionate and religion, but in fact belief system is already there before people exist in this world , now the question to you "what will you do when you have power of belief?" most people will think power of belief is used to make connection with Almighty GOD, but if you think about the anti mainstream (out of the box), power of belief can be utilized for looking an answer, collecting solutions and people will use power of belief to activate their curiosity for finding opportunity and hope.
belief is produced by people's curiosity, not by chance

         So human's skill basically can be released when people already find the correct belief, the question is "when you can the correct belief?" if your soul can give you an option how to make creativity without making any destructive option, finally you have found your correct belief, but remember; belief can go wrong when someone uses it for fulfilling his own pleasure or someone uses it  for collecting his self-interest, that's critical point you need to assume it, don't let the wrong belief will lead you to do something dangerous thing or do something destructive, you need to learn from the universe's law, whereas the correct belief is giving you guidance how to approach the enlightenment

          Many people consider “if you want to get successful experience, follow your passion”, in my opinion, that’s suggestion is not bringing good idea because passion is like fuel, it will give you an extra power to accelerate your target or career, but passion has no eye to lead our desire to go to the next direction, remember this note; belief can generate human body's power to believe something doesn't exist yet, belief can carve new way and it will ensure your destiny is on the way, now your job as human being is ensuring you have more time to nourish your belief in every day? without nourishing your power of belief, you will get depressed or stressed, now i will give you clue how to nourish your belief, the first thing is find out your great mission and clear vision, the second is create the sense of urgency because when you go before attaining it, you will lose your desire momentum, the third is surrender the outcome and trust to divine timing.

          Be careful when you meet with false belief, basically false belief is created by people's willingness and false belief is asking you to think about outcome and false belief is asking you to give disrespectful habit to divine timing, that bad habit will keep you away from inner peace, so you need to embrace good principle when you want to choose the correct belief, here is for your note; belief power is working like love, it can’t be found in the reality, but it can be built by your nourishment skill such as giving your full attention, giving your faithfulness, and giving your leisure time for  it. 
the correlation system

 Here is important note for your personal development, whether you like it or not with life treatment, you must learn about psychology because this subject is giving you the basic training for your growing mentality, here are the questions you need to ponder if you want to grow your belief system, "how far do you learn about your own life story", "how much pain you can bear when you survive" and "how much good experience you can afford", when you succeed to answer those question, you can design about your own life design and you become a life strategist, one more thing you need to remember; when you can control your anger, you can control your fear, but when you can't control your willingness, you will lose the direction of your faith.