The flower of life

Flower bed

          Today I would like to share about the flower of life, the reason why I choose that topic because every flower is representing hope and future, when flower is wilt, life is going to depress, when flower is blossoming, hope turns into reality, flower is unique and eye opener, if we can see about the flower, it’s blooming when the season is spring, if we see the truth about flower, every flower is not blossoming at the same time and also flower is not blossoming when there’s no sunrise, by that it means every hope will not happen when we are dreaming only, dream can't attract hope when we don't activate passion, so our job how we can set a sail to the right direction, if we can't make our dream is vivid and reasonable, our life will end depression, remember this note; our dream is not working properly when our daily activity doesn’t produce something benefit to many people, every day we must ignite our will of fire to move our boat against the wind and we must maximize our sense of urgency to pursue our dream unless we want our sail direction goes towards to the wrong way.
bunch of flowers

          besides that our life is not having meaningful story when we can't produce the opportunity, flower is representing the meaningful life story, when we can't be good person, our life story is going to depress, every day we need to fertilize our dream with enthusiasm and practice, this life is not compromising about what do you want in life, as human being we can make good experience but we don't always make time to produce meaningful story to other peopleso if we want to make better life, we must produce meaningful story to other people, if we follow this habit, we are representing the purpose of flower living.
Pink sun flower

           our time is very limited and time will not compromise about what we do or what we are excited about our plan, this life is teaching us how to become unique like a flower, the reason why we need to become an unique creature because life is planning a prosperous living for every human being, many people are chasing better income rather than better life, no wonder every day they stay with depression, living with a better life is not having same meaning with having a better income because they think money will become the main resource, remember this note; better life is making you freedom and teach you how to produce the art of fortune whereas better income is making you being robotif you want to make better life, play your own game and be your best version of yourself, then you create your own rule and be a pioneer for future, when you become unique, do something what you can do and try something that you never did before.
flower and butterfly

          This universe’s law doesn’t teach us how to make good memory and bad memory, but the universe's law teaches us how to create the opportunity, opportunity will teach human how to take responsibility, without taking new responsibility, our life is not meaningful, if we want to make our life is meaningful, we can make series of idea and we let idea will find a new resources and inspiration, when we already collect good resources from idea, we can create the source of happiness for other people, that's flower living, every day flower is producing the nutrition story for other creatures although they can't pay back to the flower, i think that's enough how to learn about flower of life.