What is your legacy?

legacy is like miniature of tree where it needs growing

          Today I would like to share how to recognize the human's legacy, the reason why I choose that topic because most people don’t know how to build legacy in the rest of their time being, if I will give this question to ordinary people, maybe few people will give the common answer “my legacy is unconditional love and my family”, but if you answer with that statement, you will burn your love, so if you want to build legacy, make sure it is coming from your skill set, not because all people who gives you support, now I will explain about legacy, basically the legacy is like a seed that you need to implant long time ago, it can be staying forever with you and the result of your growing seed can be used to all generation although they have never paid you or they don’t recognize about your self-identity, that’s I call it a legacy, in this article I want to share how to make legacy without waiting the prosperous people to help you, the first thing you need to prepare if you want to build legacy is answering this question “what is your best philosophy” Please remember; every philosophy you choose, it will determine about the level of emotion, every good emotion will guide you how to create your qualified sense of responsibility for your legacy.
Legacy is the key to unlock the grace of Almighty GOD

Every belief within your mindset is formed by the power of philosophy, when you think good about the result, everything you taste will make value for yourself, when you think bad about the result, everything you taste will return to you, value is coming from your power of belief, if your belief is not suited with your target, you can’t make legacy, besides that legacy can't be compromised with human's low of standard, legacy needs the perspective of good idea and it needs a lot of patience, when we can implant something today, tomorrow we will see our legacy, without today's implanting, there is no legacy, now there is question to you to measure your legacy “how much value you can create and how much responsibility you can bear?”, the more you can take big responsibility, the more you get maturity in your attitude.
legacy is act of kindness, not disaster

 So we need to identify about our legacy's level and also we need to testify whether our legacy can be handed down to the next generation or not, if our legacy will bring disaster to other people, we can’t call it as legacy, but it’s self-punishment, the criteria of good legacy is kind of something which can bring good influence to other people and other people get enlightened from your service, the second criteria of good legacy is all people and next generation can’t forget about your service although you are already passed away.