What’s Philanthropist

          Today I would share something concerning with philanthropist, the reason why I choose that topic because I just want to give you different opinion about type of purpose that philanthropist usually does, if i compare with the common people’s opinion, they think philanthropist is kind of rich person who is always caring, donating, and giving something benefits to the poor people, especially giving money, but now I will elucidate the statement "everybody can become philanthropist", first thing I would like you to learn about the philanthropist lifestyle first, what we can learn is about the philanthropist's habit, his habit is not only spending money to poor people, but philanthropist wants to spread his influence, his principle and his personal lifestyle story, I think everybody can become a philanthropist although they are not becoming rich as long as poor people have learned about philanthropist's mindset, the reason why I say poor people can become philanthropist because philanthropist is just symbol of the incredible power which can dominate the world by adding the new resources in every activity, the key how to become philanthropist is located in habit and mindset, it is not lies in the amount of money.

Everybody can become philanthropist as long as they have good principle and strong characteristic such water on earth surface, oxygen in the air and sun in the universe, for example; if you see the water, water is ubiquitous and it has outnumber quantity, water has power to provide good thing to everybody’s daily needs although everybody can’t pay the merit to the water, by that it means, as long as you have solution to every human’s problem, other people will search your name as if you were becoming a philanthropist, although now you are not philanthropist, don’t worry although you have no money because everything you have can be turned into market place as long as you don’t make high expectation to the other people or as long as you don’t think other people can pay you with high return, on contrary, when other people can pay you back with high return, you are no longer become philanthropist, so you must take note that statement.
Philanthropist's mindset is working like a universe's law

Start from now, please don’t count your chicken until they hatch, by that it means don’t count your merit although you can give it to all people around you, here is the important thing; the philanthropist’s mindset is not talking how much money they are spending, but how much affection they can build after they are spending much money, you must have strong power, not making a force, when you use a force to change everything you want, you will ruin everything you build, please maximize your unique system by creating a masterpiece such as the air which is producing oxygen and carbon dioxide, I hope you can train your mindset how to become philanthropist, the more you give the more you receive, the more you ask, the more you will get answer.