Wonder woman

Multitasking job can be done by wonder woman only

          Today I would like to share how to comprehend about living of wonder woman,  if you think about the subject, you may think you will imagine about the film " wonder woman", but in this article i will explain something different about wonder woman's  life style, the reason why I choose that topic because there is something special i want to show you about wonder woman's characteristic, the first special characteristic of wonder woman is the act of understanding, by that it means she can ignore about the work pressure but she can't leave the moment when she is entrusted by someone else to do something, for woman's behalf, feeling of open minded is very important because  it will determine her happiness level.
feeling loved

          Wonder woman feels happy when man can fulfill her personal rights, but when she feel unfulfilled, she will not give her best response to man until man can fulfill about kind of subject she really wants, where man doesn't have it although they are many men out there will appreciate about the woman, the second of wonder woman's characteristic is the act of loyalty, woman can do many jobs when she is being trusted to do something, she can work like the automatic machine, her brain is programmed to get appreciation from the job description she received, for woman's behalf, get appreciation is symbol of being cared and her feeling is being loved.
woman's feeling is lies in her mindset, her body is showing the response

            Woman has something special in her personal rights, woman can be living without being accompanied by man's existence otherwise man can't be standing alone without any woman's existence, by that it means woman has authority to create the meaningful story series when she meets with many men, woman will give the specific value about man's personality when she already meet with man who has something which it can makes that woman interested, so in daily life woman has many experiences about feeling of being loved rather than man because man's brain is not designed to receive feeling of being loved.

          If you are man, this question is suitable to you “how much time you can endure when you are doing multitasking job? Basically man’s brain is programmed not to do multitasking job because man’s ability is working like a laser gun, by that it means man can't receive the multitasking job in one time, so man can’t work maximally when he is entrusted to finish multitasking job, whereas woman’s working style can receive multitasking job although she can't finish them all, basically woman's ability is not designed Almighty GOD to dominate the certain expertise at problem, but woman is designed to give a peace to a man's heart, so when woman can't give a peace to a man's heart, she is not good woman, although she is being appreciated with many compliments from other people.