Life will not last forever but your good deeds will last forever

Life can grow up your skill, but money can't

          Today I would like to share about life and deeds, the reason why I choose that thing because there are many education system don't ever teach to the student, if we talk about life, we can represent a life like a fruit seed which is planted to the soil, this representation is used in order to make you understand easily about it, now we can use life is represented as soil and the fruit seed as human's skill, there is rule before you plant the fruit, "if you want to reap the fruit in the autumn season, you must start to sow the fruit seed at the spring season and don't start to sow the fruit's seed when the autumn season is coming, it's not good time for planting's season because the autumn season is good for harvesting, not for planting", here is the message; before the winter season is coming to your time, you must plant the fruit seed in the spring season with good knowledge, open minded, doubtless, discipline, nurturing with ceaselessly, curiosity, decisiveness, self-esteem, consistency, perseverance, love, sincerity, patience, honest, diligence and commitment", that's example of role model you need to apply into your life, all those valuable natural characteristic are good deeds and it can help you how to make your career is success, remember this note; everybody has a fruit seed in human's mind and we need a life to be a proper place for sowing it, so in that place we can reap the fruit (creativity, skill, imagination, and idea)

Life and death are lies within human's mindset
          if you want to evaluate about your life journey, you can reflect to the natural life habit, everyday this life will give us an option, namely developing or die, by that it means, we will taste about happiness when we develop our opportunity and we will die our opportunity when we stop developing our philosophy, our skill and many other skills, that's main reason why life requests us to learn something new, remember; we can't determine our destination by hope, but we can determine our destination by constantly pursuing about what we really want in life, here is the time signal that will give you an idea how to rectify your own opinion, life is represented by past, present and future, when life lies in the past; means you must learn new thing and don't trust your past experience, when life lies in tomorrow; means you need to plan something good in today before tomorrow, you study how to get happiness today before tomorrow, you study how to get wealth today before tomorrow, you study not to worry about tomorrow, when life lies in present; means you need to use your power of focus and power of faith to make decision, here is the truth; time signal is designed to help you focus about what do you want to do and what you don’t want to do.
Ascending life is caused by human good deeds

            You can’t use your past experience to become your life guidance because every single day there is always opportunity or new lesson to guide for your life journey, so all you need to do in this life is keep learning and be curious child how to keep seeking about the truth, the main reason why we keep searching about the truth because truth is something that can't be created or can't be produced by human, the reason why you are not allowed to use your past experience as your life guidance because your past experience will be obsolete once the time keeps moving forward and your past experience always keep moving backward, so we don't have much time to rewind our past story because we can't produce a new timethe conclusion; we need to create new life experience as good deeds in order to face the life's tough challenge within our restricted time.
life journey phase

If you are not ready while the life’s tough experience is coming, you will get regret and you will lose everything valuable, the reason why I say such thing because you only repeat what you know, not trying to know what you don’t know, if you want your deeds is more valuable, be great curious role model like children’s imagination where children always learn something new although they know nothing about it, in my opinion; adult is too skeptical, here is the key how to have tough mentality; do something that makes you feel pain of discipline every day, what I mean is you create your own pain, not because of your boss or teacher’s demand, but you create your own lifestyle, "when you feel pain today, you will get stronger tomorrow", that's the life's rule, remember; when you are doing something that make you sucked, you will become new guy every day and your life will never be the same again.
Life is always knocking us down

Making qualified journey in life is not easy and also it's not simple but life will be worth when you know how to handle, we must be ready all the time although we are not ready to face unpleasant situation, the reason why we must be ready all the time because life is trying to knock us down when we stop evolving or stop learning, so we can't represent our life story to somebody else because everybody is entrusted by Almighty God (Allah) to write own destiny, if you want to escape from the life's tough circumstance, you need to create good deed until you no longer needed to live on earth.

Big things often have small beginnings

          Today I would like to share how to think big, the reason why I choose that topic because most people often neglect the big things by doing repetitive activity with no achieving a lot, most people feel satisfied easily by doing something in the short term life journey, furthermore they consider their future can be predicted based on how much money they will get, but the truth is “money will not guarantee to give them more satisfaction in the long term journey as long as their resources are not being shaped or being prepared in long time process” remember this note; the valuable person can't be determined by how much money they have, but how much value they produce for raising their standard of knowledge, standard of curiosity and standard of behavior, that's sign how to achieve big things in small beginnings.

        Big dream can't be equalized with money because money is just tools and it can be used to facilitate what do people really want in the short time period, not in long term journey, by that it means money will not get people to achieve the big dream in their life journey because money value will be decreased by the running of time, but if people are having discipline and having constantly pursue about target, it is very accountable, remember; money is just tools, it’s not part of main resources, tool can be used when you want to increase your satisfaction, but money can’t be used to elevate your expectation or aptitude.

 The aptitude skill can become the biggest resources when you practice your emotional intelligence in order to handle the work pressure, the reason why we must practice our skill all the time because we are being prepared by life to face suffering and face life's tough challenge until we will die, remember; the money will not make you happy for everlasting life journey, but the triumph over the competition is utmost importance in life's story, when you put in more value into yourself, one day your value will create dynamic life for your career and you will be paid by your value you can give, one more message; value can’t be produced by money value, but value can be produced by creating the power of love, working hard, making discipline, consistent, commitment, perseverance, patience, sincerity, etc.

We can't obtain the big reward before we invest more value with small effort routine in every single day, small beginnings doesn’t mean you will finish one time of great training, but you must spend your time by keeping nourishing something you want to evolve every day such as masterpiece, don’t underestimate with small triumphs because all great things can't be formed without small triumphs, my recommendation is don’t think about big reward first before you are willingly to pay with your small practice regularly, that’s life rule that you need to obey. your life pattern will not create the dynamic life pattern when we skip natural process and take cheating method from other people’s successful storyyou must become an actor and do accordingly from your written story, only you can create your own destiny because you are creator and you are responsible for what you have done.

Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless

          Today I would like to share how to train mindset by facing our fearfulness, the reason i choose that topic because most people focus how to sketch something into the canvas of fearfulness, that's reason many people are living with no hope because they spend their time being for living in the canvas of fearfulness, when I see about the human’s fearfulness, most people are too concerned with what was and what will be, that's the source of mistake where the human's fearfulness is appearing, remember this note; fear is not designed to block the human's potential, in fact, fear is designed to protect the human mind from evil purpose and also fear can indicate the sign that human lacks of resources, so you must recognize about your sense of fearfulness first whether your fearfulness purpose is having meaningful purpose or not.
she is imagining about her own fearfulness

            So if you want to change your fearfulness into limitless power, you need to train your mind how to block evil purpose from your daily habit, to deal with evil purpose is not easy because you must take risk and courage to eliminate, the first thing you must admit is reason why you must reserve your fear until sense of fearfulness is growing, if your fearfulness is keeping talking about your weakness, that's mean you lack of resources, remember this note; the big cause why people can't get out from their fearfulness because their mindset are stagnant and they don't have strong reason to find out why the root cause for their fearfulness is happening, if you want to recognize your fearfulness, you must ponder this message to yourself before you do something you don’t ever know, you must train your mindset to accept something unpleasant by testing the target you want with your limitation, the human limitation will not grow without it's being trained with difficult problem.

            Remember this; “fear will come when feeling of worry has been ignored”, that messages means, when you feel worry about something, don’t let feeling of worry become bigger size, but all you can do is finish what you concern, i want to tell you that having of fear and having of shy are having different direction although it is having slightly similarity, if you can defeat your feeling of shy, that's mean you conquer your half of fearfulness but when you can't conquer your fearfulness, you will lose self-esteem, there is additional note; “asking for help is not sign of weakness, but it’s sign of strength because you show your courage to admit your weaknesses”, so it would better to asking for help because you lack of resources rather than pretending to be knowing it all.
run from the fearfulness

          Sometimes fear can be useful when you use it to increase your ability, but fear can bring the bad influence when you do nothing meaningful and waste your time to wait someone else to fix your own problem, remember thisfear can block your opportunity when you don’t train your mindset to observe something you don’t know, here is additional note for you; when you focus on your biggest fear, you will find bigger size from your fear size before, but if you focus how to get solution, you will find multiply choice how to train your fearfulness until it becomes a reasonable fearfulness.

Employees don’t leave bad jobs but they leave bad bosses

          Today I would like to share about the human’s working style, the reason why I choose that topic because many people think employee can work at their working place peacefully, in fact they work because they can get monthly salary, but the truth says employees choose to work at company not because they are happy to work there but they are willingly to buy satisfaction and create good expectation at the company in order to let they stay there for long time, there is high risk that many employee can't understand behind it, namely "feeling of satisfaction and feel comfy can't buy all expectation because bosses at company know fulfilling the employee's expectation will decrease the company's advantage"if this condition is pressed on continuously,  the employees will receive the higher pressure more than they get receive monthly salary at company and the higher pressure will sweep employee's expectation and employee will work maximally without final expectation.
money-oriented mindset

          Here is the high risk that many employees will not understand, "when employees mindset are concerned with money-oriented only, money will not grow their skill or their creativity and also money will change from employee's expectation position to their bosses expectation position, the higher job employee receive, the high pressure will turn down employee's expectation, day by day when employee can't get their expectation at the company, they will leave job anyway although their jobs are making them satisfied"
good boss is nourishing employee's expectation

         The main reason why employees can't get pleasure for continuously time because their bosses will give restricted time to fulfill employee expectation and their bosses will not agree to make all employee get pleasure because employee's main job is fulfilling boss's satisfaction, that's major priority, so that’s one of main reason why many employee’s skill are staying stagnant because they try to major on minor scope, here is for your note; good employee doesn’t work for money, but good employee prefer to work where the company can build employee skills and good employee is not making much expectation at company, that’s the reason why good employee will not stay for long time period at one working place because they understand expectation will not attract the multi-source of income.

 My recommendation to you when you look for job is you pick job which it can help you to increase your creativity level, improve good habit and increase your power of mentality, please don’t just work at the company for earning money only, when your purpose just is earning money at working place, one day you will be forced by money to feel something that you won’t please with it, "the more money you get, the more work pressure you must receive", remember this note; bad job and bad boss have similar purpose, when you like job but you don’t like your boss, one day you will leave your job because the bad boss's habit will insist you to get out, but when you like your boss, but you don’t like the job, you will adapt with it and you will not get something useful for it because you dedicate for money, not dedicate to your job.

 Here is the high risk you will meet when you dedicate at the bad job,namely, you will put your negative emotion to your job, then you will not get satisfied with it, furthermore, you try to lower your lifestyle because you know money can't buy your happiness, then you need to thrift some money at your savings account because you realize your bad job can’t pay your lifestyle, but when you will meet with good job, you will increase your lifestyle and unwittingly you will lower your courage level because you will dedicate your skill to your boss, my advice to you regarding job is don’t take easy job when you don’t really love it because you will lose your determination level and you lose your skill momentumit's better you will take job as your hobby, so you will not feel intimidated and you will not get work pressure because you realize that you can control the work pressure by yourself.

Train your mind to see the good in every situation

          Today I would like to share how to train your mind, so this article will help you how you can see the good in every situation although you are feeling bad, the reason why I choose that topic because not people want to train their mind to receive the good from what they are observing, the good thing will not appear as long as we don't make hope, so all we need to do is train our mind how to sweep our mind from negativity, remember this note; we can’t change every situation by depending on human's lifestyle, but we can change every situation when we accept reality and we train our mindset as top priority.

         The first thing we must do when we want to train our mind is what we think must be adapted with reality and what we think must be measured with human's capacity, that's rule, something good is measurable when it can be changed with our own mindset first, then we change our own habit, then we change our lifestyle, etc. the main reason why we need to train our mind because our greatness is not lies in comfortable zone, furthermore, every greatness lies in consistency practice and it needs uncomfortable zone for leverage, train human's mind is not simple because every human needs to conquer their egoism, besides that greatness needs nourishing skill such as having a good habit, the reason why good habit is more important than human's skill because good habit can unlock the human’s emotional intelligence.

Some people say that they need to develop luck in order to see the good in every situation, but luck will not appear without any consistently pursue from practice and perseverance, human’s mind like mechanical machine, mind needs vivid memory to make decision, humans can obtain vivid memory through making good experience in working place, good community, attend the seminar, meet the mentor or guru, those are good input to help humans how to produce vivid memory, without vivid memory, humans can’t choose which decision they should take. here is for your daily note; life's rule sometimes detest person who has the mediocre skill because life doesn't have the mediocre skill, life is always making new change by consistently practice, creating the progressive movement and creating consistently momentum, the main reason why we need to learn from life's rule because life assumes the mediocre person can’t determine about what to do and not what to do.

Before we train our mind to see the good in every situation, we can learn from successful people’s habit, that’s the key how to train our mind, habit is like the track pattern which is guiding us to go to the wisdom area, then we need to learn from the way the successful people behave when they meet with insurmountable problem, remember this note; when we start to unlearn our unproductive habit, automatically we can start to improve our daily habit, one more thing; we can’t train our mind to see the good in every situation when we compare between other people’s successful story with our natural ability, the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people are lies in their daily habit, their momentum and their curiosity level.

Greed is normally balanced by fear

Fear has similarity meaning with greed

          Today I would like share about the greed, this characteristic is part of human and this character can’t see the good thing in every situation because greed is part of uncontrolled fear, greed will happen in human’s characteristic when they are too worry about losing of joy, greed will play our feeling when we don’t practice our thinking way with new knowledge and it will keep influencing us to think consistently about reward until we feel worry about it.

         Greed is often being equalized with big reward, so as normal human being, we can’t just use our persistently standard to achieve bigger reward, before we focus to receive bigger reward, we need to make our standard is compatible with it, our standard means we increase the way of thinking, increase the way of we behave, and increase the way of life, remember this note; when you pursue bigger reward without considering you are compatible with, it will create great disaster for you, the only way how to design your life pattern to be making a sense is raising your standard, improving your philosophy, having the good habit, having feasibility study.
The greedy person image

 The main reason why we are fearful with something great because we are not preparing our greatness to make compatible with it, when we don’t train our greatness, as automatically we train our greediness, don’t just demand something when you are not ready to prepare compatible skill because unpreparedness will influence your mind to want more and more until you will feel greedy, remember; the biggest reward will not give you feeling of satisfaction before you standardize your growth mindset with knowledge, good reward is not giving you the temporary satisfaction but it can give you a great motivator and great enthusiasm.
People are afraid of losing the money

Don’t just pursue the poor people's mindset because the poor people’s mindset always want more and more, it will indicate that they lack of resourcefulness, we must create undying passion because it can help us to improve our mentality from feeling of greedy, rich people’s mindset are great planner, great good reader and great doer, here is another information for you; greed is not taking your money from your bank account but greed is taking your resourcefulness and taking your peacefully heart, so please be careful when you meet with greed characteristic, don’t hate it, but build self-reliant and build personal development, don’t let your resourcefulness can’t detect opportunity, when your resourcefulness can’t evolve, finally you will meet with feeling of greedy, I hope you will be kept away from greediness after you read this article.

Forget the mistake and remember the lesson

          Today I would like to share about the topic forget the mistake and remember the lesson, the reason why I choose that topic because many people forget that the essential of life is learning, when you hear about mistake, don’t get frustrated about it because mistake is part of incomplete process towards complete process, remember this note; when there is no mistake in everything in life, there are many big failure impact such as there is no creativity, there is no fabulous idea, there is no competition, there is no progress and there is no hope.

        So mistake should not be avoided but it should be reviewed, human ability have no meaningful purpose when they don’t get mistake in the whole life story, mistake is designed not to downgrade human’s expertise but mistake is designed to upgrade the human’s standard, so if we can accept mistake in any circumstance, our maturity is growing up, we should not consider the mistake as garbage but we can consider mistake as mood booster, sometimes we need to taste mistake at the first sight in order to measure how far our life journey is stepping forward, so all we can do as human being is learn from mistake and be life designer.

Remember; we can’t grow our expertise when we don’t consider a mistake as opportunity, mistake can turn into wisdom when we discipline our mind to stay thinking about new possibilities ahead, our mistake can attract new different result when we keep practicing and we keep sowing our energy, idea and creativity to our open minded, there is no meaningful success when we just forget the mistake and don’t learn about lesson of mistake, sometimes we are forced by life to see the unpleasant thing in order to let us prepare something enlightened to our future time, so when you feel unpleasant thing towards new problem, don’t use your emotion to make decision directly but use your wisdom to define what is your last mistake you can learn.

 Life is not asking us to change bad situation into good situation, but life is asking us how to learn good thing from bad situation with our clearest mind and use our philosophy to create new environment towards bad situation, remember this note; when we just look back the bad situation with anger, our future is going to curse us, as impact we will lose opportunity and lose the miracle of life, don’t let our past determine our future and don’t let our anger will make new decision because anger is just powerless pain which can’t create new hope.

Take risk or lose a chance

          Today I would like to share about the risk, I am sure this is not first time you hear about the risk, everything in this life has happened by its own system, this system must be run consistently without giving up in one second, if it’s giving up, everything happens in life circumstance will be meaningless and get ruined, now i will explain the basic reason why the ordinary people reject the risk because they haven't prepared their resourcefulness to fight risk, so the ordinary people will ask the question and put it into their mindset “why I need to take a risk?”, i hope you don't ask such question because it's dangerous for your growth mentality, that kind of question will make people's opportunity is shut off, if you want to be mature person, you change the question with new emotion level "what loss if i don't take a risk?" remember this note; when there is the object can't make any movement, it's considered to be paralysis, whether humans like or not with risk, every movement will create risk, but the main journey of life is not part of itself movement , but there is reward after taking a risk.

          The main reason why universe’s system won’t stop moving because make a movement is represented of something alive, I remember about the quote; when there is life, there is hope, by that it means, person will not get something useful in this life unless he already created something from his own resourcesremember this note; there is no failure in this life as long as there is act of movement, so there’s only last result or still progressing, failure is happening when the death is coming, when everything you do seems impossible, that’s normal condition because your effort hasn’t arrived at the next destination, your time is not entitled to grab big opportunity, when you think your goal is impossible, don’t worry about it because your successful journey is on the way and it’s still looking for you as long as you keep evolving your goal until your goal’s progress is done.

          As human being, we can’t escape from risk because life always produces risk, our job is not avoiding the risk but we can learn something behind the risk because every opportunity mixed with adversity, risk is coming when humans don’t realize about what they are doing, so before life is bringing greater risk for us, we need to stay hungry with any information and we can use our insatiable curiosity to discover about the mystery of life, remember; the mystery of life is not talking about what we concern or what we want in the future, but mystery of life is always opening opportunity to anybody who focus to aim with their goals.
conquer your doubt and fear by facing the risk

I have seen many people lose a chance and lose goal because their mindset are just buying imagination of result, not keep pursuing the process, many people forget that the goal in life is not continuously pursuing about what humans want, but the value of life is lies in dedication, so don’t give up and don’t give in with any situation because not everyone can represent your existence, human is very unique, every life has time calculation and we can’t lose a chance as long as we keep holding tightly until opportunity will chase us back, remember this note; the risk is designed not to give any harmful to humans lives, but risk is designed to enrich human’s skill, enrich human’s knowledge and enrich human’s mentality.  

Don’t wait for opportunity, create it

The sign of opportunity is always coming as long as there is a life

          Today I would like to share how to create opportunity, the reason why I choose that topic because many people spend their time being for waiting opportunity, in fact opportunity can’t be awaited in our time calculation because time always be counted by its own system and time is never coming late, furthermore we don’t know when opportunity's time will come or it will leave us, so basically human's time calculation and opportunity’s time have been mixed together by adversity, we will not get wisdom from opportunity when we just live in what other people’s thinking.
create opportunity is like trying to become a contributor

           Becoming contributor is the best answer how to create new opportunity for our life journey, we can become a new guy every day when we always create opportunity, the first thing we can do with new opportunity is helping how to design other people's life journey by showing your masterpiece result, we start to fulfill concerning with people's demand or people's interest, remember; the incredible momentum only can be collected when we take new opportunity from other people who don't want to take it as new experience, here is the clue; if we just learn something from the comfortable moment, our mentality can’t grow up because 50% our mindset is designed to reject the adversity, the only way what we can do if we want to make our power of mentality is growing up by creating opportunity in adversity moment, that’s it.

There are many the unlimited opportunities in this universe that humans can learn, but not all humans can collect from it because every opportunity has requirement to committed people, opportunity only can be attracted when people welcome it by creating the same vibration like what universe produces in every single day, best preparation can be done when humans spend their time being to practice their craft, please remember; we can't depend on our fixed mindset for everlasting because the opportunity is always moving and keep evolving, so if humans want to increase inborn skill or the natural skill, so humans ability needs to be evolved by creating opportunity to receive more value, the most strange condition is when people stop learning but they still have strong desire to wait opportunity, please remember this note; we will not get new opportunity as long as we don't keep practicing, that’s the universe law of cause and effect.
Time is always right and it's never coming late

All we need to do when we want to create opportunity is offering something benefit to other people although they don’t really need it so much, sometimes we need to give more value to other people at first time until our trustworthiness will be accepted by them, please remember; the unstoppable gift can be given to humans when humans always create opportunity rather than humans are waiting an opportunity, here is additional note; whatever happens in this life, there is no meaningful opportunity we can receive unless our own emotions are able to give something meaningful to other people’s lives.

The greatest prison is living into what other people think

Don't Imagine what other people think

          Today I would like to share how to educate our mentality to get freedom from what other people think, I know maybe you will feel uncomfortable when other people will think and criticize about you, now let me guide you how not to become greatest prisoner and start how to become free person, the first thing you must do is get out from the friendship circle zone and start to find kind of person who can give you a lot of inspiration, remember this note; your friend zone and your social community circle are part of the main source which can educate you to become the greatest prisoner in your own mind, the reason why I say such thing because good friends are not taking your source of happiness from you, but they can build the more number of  happiness to you.

           Having many friends don't determine your happiness level, the more you raise your thinking level, you will not need many friends except you choose the trustworthy friend, sometimes many friends can create a conflict because they have variety of mindset, but at this point I wouldn’t say you don’t need to make relationship with many people, my advice to you is before you create relationship with newcomer, you must select which the typical of person who can be accountable and dependable person when there is money issue or trust issue is upcoming.
don't talk, don't listen and don't see when you can't take responsibility from them

There are many ways how to step out from what other people think, the first method you need to remember; don’t just manage your expectation because your expectation only creates feeling insecurity, fixed mindset and create the circle of hell in your life, when other people try to criticize about your progress, don’t just accept it as complete or you make it as guidance, if you do that, you always become follower of the greatest prisoner, every expectation is designed not to give you power, but it will give you a fantasy mindset and also it will give you abnormal thoughts because it keeps you overthinking, if you want to be free from what other people think, you need to exceed your expectation level by doing something that ordinary people won’t do.
Overthinking image

 Mindset is everything, when you imagine it, you will achieve it, when you apply it, you will get from what you have done, so before you make new relationship with newcomer, we must search your prospect first and you find the information about his feasibility study whether he is kind of trustworthy person or not, not everyone can be relied as partner because everyone has different mindset, not all different mindset will create meaningful topic to be discussed, so basically we will not get something from what receive unless we already give something greater than what we receive, that’s key how to become freeman, the reason why i say such thing only freeman can do the great thing and can control his power of mind from what other people think about him.