Big things often have small beginnings

          Today I would like to share how to think big, the reason why I choose that topic because most people often neglect the big things by doing repetitive activity with no achieving a lot, most people feel satisfied easily by doing something in the short term life journey, furthermore they consider their future can be predicted based on how much money they will get, but the truth is “money will not guarantee to give them more satisfaction in the long term journey as long as their resources are not being shaped or being prepared in long time process” remember this note; the valuable person can't be determined by how much money they have, but how much value they produce for raising their standard of knowledge, standard of curiosity and standard of behavior, that's sign how to achieve big things in small beginnings.

        Big dream can't be equalized with money because money is just tools and it can be used to facilitate what do people really want in the short time period, not in long term journey, by that it means money will not get people to achieve the big dream in their life journey because money value will be decreased by the running of time, but if people are having discipline and having constantly pursue about target, it is very accountable, remember; money is just tools, it’s not part of main resources, tool can be used when you want to increase your satisfaction, but money can’t be used to elevate your expectation or aptitude.

 The aptitude skill can become the biggest resources when you practice your emotional intelligence in order to handle the work pressure, the reason why we must practice our skill all the time because we are being prepared by life to face suffering and face life's tough challenge until we will die, remember; the money will not make you happy for everlasting life journey, but the triumph over the competition is utmost importance in life's story, when you put in more value into yourself, one day your value will create dynamic life for your career and you will be paid by your value you can give, one more message; value can’t be produced by money value, but value can be produced by creating the power of love, working hard, making discipline, consistent, commitment, perseverance, patience, sincerity, etc.

We can't obtain the big reward before we invest more value with small effort routine in every single day, small beginnings doesn’t mean you will finish one time of great training, but you must spend your time by keeping nourishing something you want to evolve every day such as masterpiece, don’t underestimate with small triumphs because all great things can't be formed without small triumphs, my recommendation is don’t think about big reward first before you are willingly to pay with your small practice regularly, that’s life rule that you need to obey. your life pattern will not create the dynamic life pattern when we skip natural process and take cheating method from other people’s successful storyyou must become an actor and do accordingly from your written story, only you can create your own destiny because you are creator and you are responsible for what you have done.