Don’t wait for opportunity, create it

The sign of opportunity is always coming as long as there is a life

          Today I would like to share how to create opportunity, the reason why I choose that topic because many people spend their time being for waiting opportunity, in fact opportunity can’t be awaited in our time calculation because time always be counted by its own system and time is never coming late, furthermore we don’t know when opportunity's time will come or it will leave us, so basically human's time calculation and opportunity’s time have been mixed together by adversity, we will not get wisdom from opportunity when we just live in what other people’s thinking.
create opportunity is like trying to become a contributor

           Becoming contributor is the best answer how to create new opportunity for our life journey, we can become a new guy every day when we always create opportunity, the first thing we can do with new opportunity is helping how to design other people's life journey by showing your masterpiece result, we start to fulfill concerning with people's demand or people's interest, remember; the incredible momentum only can be collected when we take new opportunity from other people who don't want to take it as new experience, here is the clue; if we just learn something from the comfortable moment, our mentality can’t grow up because 50% our mindset is designed to reject the adversity, the only way what we can do if we want to make our power of mentality is growing up by creating opportunity in adversity moment, that’s it.

There are many the unlimited opportunities in this universe that humans can learn, but not all humans can collect from it because every opportunity has requirement to committed people, opportunity only can be attracted when people welcome it by creating the same vibration like what universe produces in every single day, best preparation can be done when humans spend their time being to practice their craft, please remember; we can't depend on our fixed mindset for everlasting because the opportunity is always moving and keep evolving, so if humans want to increase inborn skill or the natural skill, so humans ability needs to be evolved by creating opportunity to receive more value, the most strange condition is when people stop learning but they still have strong desire to wait opportunity, please remember this note; we will not get new opportunity as long as we don't keep practicing, that’s the universe law of cause and effect.
Time is always right and it's never coming late

All we need to do when we want to create opportunity is offering something benefit to other people although they don’t really need it so much, sometimes we need to give more value to other people at first time until our trustworthiness will be accepted by them, please remember; the unstoppable gift can be given to humans when humans always create opportunity rather than humans are waiting an opportunity, here is additional note; whatever happens in this life, there is no meaningful opportunity we can receive unless our own emotions are able to give something meaningful to other people’s lives.