Elephants think humans are cute

Tame an elephant is very risk but it's spectacular

          Today I would like to share how to apply about short story “elephants think human are cute”, by that it means the people who have succeeded to handle big risk, they will consider the coward's problem is tiny and cute, many people think their career just depend on what they can do and what they know about their problem, in fact knowing something is not enough before people practice till their experience is growing up like an elephants's body, by that it means people need to ponder about what resources they don’t have and what's resourcefulness they need to build, it seems very risk, but here is my daily note for you; risk will come greater from future when other people don’t take small risk in the present, by that it means people’s skill will become baby’s skill when they don’t want to learn about risk in the present, risk is like capitals, maybe you have many capitals in your savings account, but when you don’t know how to allocate all of your capitals to the right thing, you will risk your life because you spend money for meaningless purpose till you make a debt, so risk value equals with investment value, the more you take risk, the more you invest for collecting big reward.

          People think facing the risk is like facing an elephant, now the question to you is “who tells you to think that the risk is very big”? If you imagine about the risk’s size, I don’t doubt you are afraid about it because your brain directly imagine that you will meet with elephant’s size, but if you consider facing the risk is like an opportunity, you are part of elephant’s ascendant, remember this note; not all risk are making you sick, but risk is teaching you how to think about solution or making the contingency plans, if you are building the risk management’s mentality, you will consider humans skill are cute like a baby because you succeeded to defeat your own skeptical belief, the problem why people are afraid to take risk because they use skeptical belief to believe something dangerous where it will gnaw away their comfort zone at anytime, remember this note; their comfort zone is their current income.

          Basically there is no meaningful risk when we don’t learn something, the question is “why we must take risk in the present”, because we will not know when the big risk will be coming, that's why we need to make preparation and get stronger in order to let ourselves are having enough skill to face bigger risk in the future, besides that Almighty GOD wants to see your specialization, if you can practice in your specialization, you will not see any the risk within, but if you don’t practice in your specialization, you will see the risk in anywhere and it will burden your life, maybe life journey is attracting risky, but life will be more risky when humans are not alive because life is part of big reason why humans must be created, universe will be ending when there is no human's existence.