Employees don’t leave bad jobs but they leave bad bosses

          Today I would like to share about the human’s working style, the reason why I choose that topic because many people think employee can work at their working place peacefully, in fact they work because they can get monthly salary, but the truth says employees choose to work at company not because they are happy to work there but they are willingly to buy satisfaction and create good expectation at the company in order to let they stay there for long time, there is high risk that many employee can't understand behind it, namely "feeling of satisfaction and feel comfy can't buy all expectation because bosses at company know fulfilling the employee's expectation will decrease the company's advantage"if this condition is pressed on continuously,  the employees will receive the higher pressure more than they get receive monthly salary at company and the higher pressure will sweep employee's expectation and employee will work maximally without final expectation.
money-oriented mindset

          Here is the high risk that many employees will not understand, "when employees mindset are concerned with money-oriented only, money will not grow their skill or their creativity and also money will change from employee's expectation position to their bosses expectation position, the higher job employee receive, the high pressure will turn down employee's expectation, day by day when employee can't get their expectation at the company, they will leave job anyway although their jobs are making them satisfied"
good boss is nourishing employee's expectation

         The main reason why employees can't get pleasure for continuously time because their bosses will give restricted time to fulfill employee expectation and their bosses will not agree to make all employee get pleasure because employee's main job is fulfilling boss's satisfaction, that's major priority, so that’s one of main reason why many employee’s skill are staying stagnant because they try to major on minor scope, here is for your note; good employee doesn’t work for money, but good employee prefer to work where the company can build employee skills and good employee is not making much expectation at company, that’s the reason why good employee will not stay for long time period at one working place because they understand expectation will not attract the multi-source of income.

 My recommendation to you when you look for job is you pick job which it can help you to increase your creativity level, improve good habit and increase your power of mentality, please don’t just work at the company for earning money only, when your purpose just is earning money at working place, one day you will be forced by money to feel something that you won’t please with it, "the more money you get, the more work pressure you must receive", remember this note; bad job and bad boss have similar purpose, when you like job but you don’t like your boss, one day you will leave your job because the bad boss's habit will insist you to get out, but when you like your boss, but you don’t like the job, you will adapt with it and you will not get something useful for it because you dedicate for money, not dedicate to your job.

 Here is the high risk you will meet when you dedicate at the bad job,namely, you will put your negative emotion to your job, then you will not get satisfied with it, furthermore, you try to lower your lifestyle because you know money can't buy your happiness, then you need to thrift some money at your savings account because you realize your bad job can’t pay your lifestyle, but when you will meet with good job, you will increase your lifestyle and unwittingly you will lower your courage level because you will dedicate your skill to your boss, my advice to you regarding job is don’t take easy job when you don’t really love it because you will lose your determination level and you lose your skill momentumit's better you will take job as your hobby, so you will not feel intimidated and you will not get work pressure because you realize that you can control the work pressure by yourself.