Find the good in every day

use your passion to make the trustworthy sign and make it as guidance for your next destination

          Today I would like to share how to find the good in every day, it seems complicated thing, but we can do this when we activate insatiable curiosity to observe towards something different within our days and we can apply our observation result to answer what we are looking for in life, the meaning of “find the good” word, it is concerned with high quality or acceptable standard within our days, when we don't get the good in our daily activity, we will get rejected by the opportunity automatically until we succeed to discover the good within our qualification.
use your insatiable curiosity to collect knowledge and make them as your leverage

               I review many people are focusing on how to earn money but very few people focus how to earn good philosophy, although philosophy is bunch of empty idea, you will get surprised with extraordinary information after you have learned about it, remember this note; if you want to feel a dynamic change in your life, please don’t think like the common people or don't use the mainstream of ideas, the reason why i comment such thing because you will always become a money making machine when you decide to become a follower, so you must become good student and have the deepening curiosity like children, the reason why I suggest such thing because human’s unlimited wealth are linked to the universe’s law, without using deepening power of curiosity, we are not having differently with machine, plants and animals.
Observe the nature as if you were part of them

Remember; our life will not create meaningful story when we just make a hope and wait uncertain thing, the miracle of life will not work to us when we just stay silent and we pass the time by working without knowing our next curiosity level, basically the universe has offered the great thing to human being and greatness can be founded when we want to manifest our creativity into something that it makes us inspired a lot, so in this life there is no suddenly gift coming unless we deliberate find it, remember; the greatness doesn’t come when we don’t practice our strong desire to create a new record in our masterpiece, the greatness is not happening at once, but it's constantly happening thousand times when we don't stop to pursue it.
Intuition is working like GPS device, please work with it

        Please note; you are not going to triple down on your strengths when you rely on same standard
, so you need to widen your philosophy to promote your weaknesses to achieve higher standard, the reason why I say such thing because without any friction from what you do, there is no growth, without friction there is confusion, so we need to train our mentality to do something uncomfortable in the hell on earth. we will not find the good in every day when we don’t want to do something uncomfortable, our mentality will not grow rapidly when we don’t scale up it with adversity, besides that, make sure you have a strong principle to make you feel insatiable to discover something meaningful in your passion, many people are not satisfied about their life pattern because they just follow their obsolete ideology pattern, in my opinion, that's sensible reason why they failed severity because they just repeat their history of life and bring it to the future.


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