Focus on how blessing you are

every day is blessing in disguise

          Today I would like to share how to focus on how blessing you are, the reason why I choose that topic because many people don’t know how to build their lifestyle get blessed, many people told me that “if you want to live longer on earth, you must study hard, you must go to work, make good impression at working place, make friend with good community, run business in order to get financial freedom and many other thing”, in my opinion those recommendation are good option but its incorrect for life mission, life is not giving you blessing when you just spend your time to make your satisfaction feeling is increasing,  i preview most people are talking how to enjoy the world in their rest of life, they forget their satisfaction is temporary, but blessing is limitless, so their enjoyment will end meaningless and people will get regret because they don't use their time to maximize power of blessing, as impact of it, they are running out their resources unwittingly.

If you feel blessed, you will do something from your own resources, you will not spend your time by waiting only, you can create something through blessing such as find passion, hobby, or build creativity that will make your self-esteem increasing and raise your mindset standard until it works differently, remember this note; the more you set your mindset higher, the more you will get inspirational story from the mysterious thing such as universe’s law or revelation, life will give you an unconditional gift when you struggle and keep persistent with it, the reason why we must create self-preparation because life is going to give you a priceless lesson, every lesson is being set by Almighty God to test human’s qualification to face future's insurmountable problem.
Blessing in anywhere place

Blessing such as small seeds, when you plant them to the right soil, you will get big reward from it, the key how to maximize your blessing is find it, keep it and nourish it, if you don’t have any willingness by doing that, you will lose big reward and also you will lose big opportunity big as well, remember this note; big rewards equals with big opportunity, when you miss a small opportunity, you will not get any reward from it. So when you focus on your blessing, you must practice with it, during practice, please don’t say “how long I must practice and finish it?” if you keep asking a question like that, you will lose momentum and you are not going to focus on your blessing.

In this life, you will not obtain something benefit until you make your craft is ready to work, so you must train your qualification with correct philosophy, correct psychology, good habit and correct mindset, those are the right components which it can help humans to maximize the power of blessing, remember this note; everything you see will absorb blessing if you know how to handle it and if you can't see your blessing, you will lose everything, the power of blessing is giving, nourishing and regenerating.