Forget the mistake and remember the lesson

          Today I would like to share about the topic forget the mistake and remember the lesson, the reason why I choose that topic because many people forget that the essential of life is learning, when you hear about mistake, don’t get frustrated about it because mistake is part of incomplete process towards complete process, remember this note; when there is no mistake in everything in life, there are many big failure impact such as there is no creativity, there is no fabulous idea, there is no competition, there is no progress and there is no hope.

        So mistake should not be avoided but it should be reviewed, human ability have no meaningful purpose when they don’t get mistake in the whole life story, mistake is designed not to downgrade human’s expertise but mistake is designed to upgrade the human’s standard, so if we can accept mistake in any circumstance, our maturity is growing up, we should not consider the mistake as garbage but we can consider mistake as mood booster, sometimes we need to taste mistake at the first sight in order to measure how far our life journey is stepping forward, so all we can do as human being is learn from mistake and be life designer.

Remember; we can’t grow our expertise when we don’t consider a mistake as opportunity, mistake can turn into wisdom when we discipline our mind to stay thinking about new possibilities ahead, our mistake can attract new different result when we keep practicing and we keep sowing our energy, idea and creativity to our open minded, there is no meaningful success when we just forget the mistake and don’t learn about lesson of mistake, sometimes we are forced by life to see the unpleasant thing in order to let us prepare something enlightened to our future time, so when you feel unpleasant thing towards new problem, don’t use your emotion to make decision directly but use your wisdom to define what is your last mistake you can learn.

 Life is not asking us to change bad situation into good situation, but life is asking us how to learn good thing from bad situation with our clearest mind and use our philosophy to create new environment towards bad situation, remember this note; when we just look back the bad situation with anger, our future is going to curse us, as impact we will lose opportunity and lose the miracle of life, don’t let our past determine our future and don’t let our anger will make new decision because anger is just powerless pain which can’t create new hope.