Full Focus Planner

          Today I would like to share how to plan big focus on the right thing, plan how to focus on the result oriented and how to control human's potential through focus, that reason why I choose that topic, i review there are many people in the world are stopping to struggle for their dream because they consider target is too far to be achieved, they don’t appreciate how much energy and time they have spent, they can’t enjoy the long process, and most people break their focus planning by their own purpose and own mindset, not by accident, so in this article I will share something how to relieve pain and how to prolong our patience in order to let us easier to fulfill the target or dream. Basically focus in not designed to find your happiness or guarantee your mood state level, but focus is designed to let us find “what God gives to you in human’s resources”.
Focus how to flow our potential to the target

If you prioritize to find what you really want, you will never find something you have never done and your heart is fully fledged with doubt, remember this note; if you just focus to find what do you really want, you will never find something you don’t want, life is not talking about what is your desire, but life is talking about “who you are and what suppose you to do when you no longer alive?”. Life is not asking you to like about what life really wants, but life is requesting you to learn it, so basically we are trusted by Almighty GOD to learn something we don't know yet, we are given energy and time to create focus, by using that power, we start to enjoy a little gift from this life, such as we use ingenuity to create an electric light and we can use an electric light to shine the dark room, so we can see around because there is electrical light, we use our mentality to face insurmountable thing, we use ambition to improve our career in working place, etc, without power of focus, we are like living dead.
Focus on one of your greatness

Focus is not being used for pleasing other people’s attention or making them like you because everybody has limitation, our focus should be used to break our limitation such as study how to get happiness, study how to get wealth, study how to get up after failing at career, we can’t just make hope for gaining the power of focus, focus can be maximized when we desire to make an artificial life, remember this note, lack of use the power of focus, we will lose our resourcefulness and we will lose our resources, focus is like energy and time, whether you use it for the right thing or you don’t use for right thing, energy will leave you, energy doesn't want to compromise, my advice to you is “don’t let time and energy will leave us unwittingly, Almighty GOD just gives us a little gift to us for testing us responsibility on earth, so we can use it to create idea, creativity for building a prosperous living”.