Goal is to die with memory, not dream

make your goal as journey, not just daydreaming

          Today I would like to share about goal in life, many people are following goal in the rest of life and they will do something until they will sacrifice everything in order to get what they want, in fact human’s satisfaction is having limitless journey and people forget that goal in life is not living together with dream but die with memory, by that it mean, we will be responsible for what we had done during we are living, in the next life we will not be asked by dream but our responsibility, dream is just spark of light where it will give you information that you need to move forward with your belongings and you will get something from what you believe and you will not get something what you don’t believe, remember this note; the reason why so many people die for nothing because they just do what they believe, not seek something they don’t ever know before, that’s sadness story because they don’t maximize their insatiable curiosity to look the answer before they die.

The real goal in life is not talking about what you achieved, but life is asking us how to make best preparation and how to create the power of belief before we die, when we lose time, we will lose opportunity, when we will lose the power of belief, we will lose everything we have on earth, i just make reminder "don’t trust with your last qualification or memory, but focus on what you plant for future", if you focus on what you plant for future, you will not regret although you make mistake because your efforts will be paid off, if you focus on what you can buy or what you can earn, you will regret although you make mistake because your mindset is always get influenced by the satisfaction first, not focus on how you build the important value.

If you want to avoid the feeling of stress, insecure, depression and anxious during building career, please don’t make your success as the main goal in life, but make your success as your long term journey, so when you decide your target as long term journey, you will not regret when you make a mistake at the short term journey because your mentality is ready to accept progress, if you want to get multiple goals and multiple success in life journey, please don’t ask for getting an easy life because your life is getting more difficult, but please you ask for seeking an adventure because your life will answer your curiosity, the reason why i suggest you to seek an adventure because you will not feel bored when you fail in one step, your mentality will be tough, your experience is more variety, you will adapt with adversity, and you will meet insurmountable thing.