Great things never came from comfort zones

stepping up is part of leaving comfort zone

          Today I would like to share how to achieve great thing from your comfort zone, the reason I choose that topic because many people are losing the momentum of life journey and they become life victim, basically there are many ways how to get comfortable thing but you can’t depend by staying into comfort zone for everlasting because comfort zone is non-organic zone, by that it means the comfort zone is stagnant place, it can’t increase your qualification, the big reason why you must leave your comfort zone because comfort zone can’t give you freedom and wisdom, instead it will treat you like prisoner in the jail, there is no guarantee to build your career when you keep staying into comfort zone, your comfort zone can become dangerous thing when you consider it as your last destination, as impact of it, your future time will be crushed by modern or new age.

You must leave your comfort zone by enjoying the uncomfortable treatment at the first step, such as prioritize your time to study hard, improve your philosophy, make long term plan, embrace the specific challenge, find your ultimate passion and paying your craft by becoming attractive worker for staying at the wisdom zone, wisdom zone means a place where you can practice your craft every day without being interrupted by anyone else, at wisdom zone you can share your inspirational story to anyone else and also you will get many relationship from your life journey.
Life journey

          Great thing is like seeing the beautiful view from the highest top at mountain where you have never been before, if you want to arrive at highest top at mountain, you must walk step by step, you must collect some information to increase your mountaineering knowledge, adapt with new circumstance, prepare your vitality, learn how to survive, bring your equipment, etc. so your life journey is not easy, it takes a lot of risk but the great thing can give you a guarantee when you arrive at target, great thing will make your mentality power is increasing and your life will never feel bored because you have great enthusiasm during you break your limitation, here is for your note;  great thing can be achieved when you make an artificial life and when you already break your limitation, remember; everybody has limitation and Almighty God has never restricted human’s limitation unless humans want to break it, limitation has never given you a longevity happiness because limitation can’t reach it, so you need to adapt at wisdom zone by breaking your limitation, use your wisdom zone to keep practicing your craft.