Greed is normally balanced by fear

Fear has similarity meaning with greed

          Today I would like share about the greed, this characteristic is part of human and this character can’t see the good thing in every situation because greed is part of uncontrolled fear, greed will happen in human’s characteristic when they are too worry about losing of joy, greed will play our feeling when we don’t practice our thinking way with new knowledge and it will keep influencing us to think consistently about reward until we feel worry about it.

         Greed is often being equalized with big reward, so as normal human being, we can’t just use our persistently standard to achieve bigger reward, before we focus to receive bigger reward, we need to make our standard is compatible with it, our standard means we increase the way of thinking, increase the way of we behave, and increase the way of life, remember this note; when you pursue bigger reward without considering you are compatible with, it will create great disaster for you, the only way how to design your life pattern to be making a sense is raising your standard, improving your philosophy, having the good habit, having feasibility study.
The greedy person image

 The main reason why we are fearful with something great because we are not preparing our greatness to make compatible with it, when we don’t train our greatness, as automatically we train our greediness, don’t just demand something when you are not ready to prepare compatible skill because unpreparedness will influence your mind to want more and more until you will feel greedy, remember; the biggest reward will not give you feeling of satisfaction before you standardize your growth mindset with knowledge, good reward is not giving you the temporary satisfaction but it can give you a great motivator and great enthusiasm.
People are afraid of losing the money

Don’t just pursue the poor people's mindset because the poor people’s mindset always want more and more, it will indicate that they lack of resourcefulness, we must create undying passion because it can help us to improve our mentality from feeling of greedy, rich people’s mindset are great planner, great good reader and great doer, here is another information for you; greed is not taking your money from your bank account but greed is taking your resourcefulness and taking your peacefully heart, so please be careful when you meet with greed characteristic, don’t hate it, but build self-reliant and build personal development, don’t let your resourcefulness can’t detect opportunity, when your resourcefulness can’t evolve, finally you will meet with feeling of greedy, I hope you will be kept away from greediness after you read this article.