How to break bad habit

Perplexed person

          Today I would like to share how to break bad habit, the reason why I choose that topic because most people are trapped with their personal character without knowing how to leave bad habit which it hurts their daily life, habit is like loop, when we want to break bad habit, we need to break the pattern first, once we break bad habit, we definitely feel unpleasant, feel uneducated, feel awkward, feel lost, that's normal condition when we keep plugging away, remember; bad habit is like shadow which it is telling you not to approach with the light because shadow is going to feel uncomfortable and shadow will give you feeling of fear once you keep approaching the light, many people are losing good habit because they don't enjoy about the life journeyin fact what we learn defines what we will become in the future, so in this article I would like to tell you how to break bad habit which it may help you to maintain your life story.

In this article i would invite you how to ponder about your life journey, if you want to break bad habit, you need to stay away from your friend circle and environmental / social circlethe reason why we need to exterminate bad habit because 40% human’s character is coming from friend circle zone, 20% coming from the favorite place and 40% coming from the daily routine activity, if you want grow a good characteristic, you need to nourish a good habit within your personal characteristic and make artificial life program, such as you implant trustworthiness, if you want other people are interested with your life journey, you need to attract something favorable and learn how to become the attractive person, make your life story is never boring, that's key how to break bad habit, remember this note; bad habit is always making your life story is so boring and awful, when you can build self-esteem within social relationship, other people will seek your fulfillment, but when you don’t enjoy your life story, other people will seek your weakness point, so be careful by growing bad habit.
sweep your negativity from habit
There is no good method how to eliminate bad habit, all we need to do is fight; leaving a bad habit by improving our philosophy and implant emotional intelligence with human’s good characteristic such as implicit, ingenuity, courage, sincerity, honesty, creativity, faithfulness, forgiveness, patience, positivism, caring, charity, diligence, respect  and many other things, remember this note; if you can control your mind, you will control your attitude, when you can’t control your mind, you will be living like shadow puppet which it not being controlled by other people, here is chit chat; every time you see beautiful thing, your bad habit will consider it as enemy and you will be treated as jail custody, that's side effect when you keep growing with your bad habit. 

 Negativity feeling is part of manufacturing of bad habits, the reason why people will feel negativity because they lack of resourcefulnessuninstall the negativity can be done by improve your resources and improve your power of faithremember this note; people who always activate the feeling negativity, they unwittingly dig hole for his own graveyard, i hope this article will help you to make better living, see you on the next article.