How to differentiate between your thoughts and your intuition

your thoughts are part of productive skill

          Today I would like to share how to differentiate between human’s thoughts and intuition, the reason why I choose  that topic because most people don’t know how to maximize their potential through life experience, many people consider knowledge is coming from their school education system and intuition is coming from their people's life experience, but in fact knowledge is coming from the proven system which is collected from life circumstance, people, universe and other creatures, whereas intuition is part of human's qualified feeling which can decide whether there is option which can be taken as solution or not, knowledge is having potential power which can inspire human to create something such idea, inspiration and masterpiece, but the most important thing is not lies knowledge only but your execution mindset is top priority.

          Knowledge is not the real power, but it will work for you as the guidance system when you practice your passion till it becomes asset, your thoughts are determined by your habit circle and your friend circle, remember this note; your thoughts are not bringing benefit to you until you can select which information you have put it into your subconscious mind, make sure you learn from the people's good experience and learn from your personal philosophy, if your thoughts are not educating you how to design your life to get better life, you can unlearn your past experience and improve your philosophy.
communication is the bridge how to make connection between your thought and intuition
          I am going to talk about how to differentiate between intuition’s principle and human’s thought’s principle, the first thing we should recognize; intuition’s principle is not willingly to work when we lack of enthusiasm and we lack of resourcefulness, the human’s intuition is going to work when there is something attract your excitement and human’s intuition will work based on what you learn and what you experienced, human’s thoughts have limitation quote to reach the target whereas human’s intuition is limitless to reach the target, remember this note; when you use your thoughts detecting something you believe is bad, you will get the warning sign from your intuition which it is telling you there’s something wrong will be attacking your inner peace, on the other hand, when you use your thoughts detecting something you believe is good and safe, your intuition will tell you that you need to work until you prove, that’s how intuition is working, here is for your note; your intuition is not working when your conscious mind you use to deceive your purely heart with fake promises and your intuition is working when your conscious mind can't stop your step to going forward something you questioned
meeting with many people are method how to neutralize your thoughts from problem

 Intuition can generate your skill when your consciousness mind can't do, if you want your intuition is working maximally, don’t try to cheat your conscious mind, don't behave badly to other people and don’t try to compare your strength with other people’s weakness, when you do it, your intuition will not tell about the truth and your intuition will not give you the clue how to maximize your potential, don’t use your thoughts to solve something you have never done because your thoughts are not designed to reach something you have never tried before, you can use your intuition to determine the destination you want to go because your intuition is like GPS where it knows better than your thoughts, I think that’s enough my explanation about difference between human’s thoughts and human’s intuition, see you on the next topic.