How to handle emotional abuse

The side effect of emotional abuse

          Today I would like to share how to handle emotional abuse, the reason why I choose that topic because many people become self-destruction machine because they just want to achieve a big reward rather than considering about their emotional journey, many people become a life victim because their emotional destroys the series process that they have built for the future, so in this article I would give you several clues how to handle emotional abuse, there are many ways how to recognize the type of emotional issue, all depends on how your mentality strength can endure a problem and how you can adapt and enjoy with adversity, the first thing you must do when you face your own emotional state is clear about what your desire wants and define what target you want to set with your daily schedule, you must know your limitation and you must measure how much endurance you can apply into target, don't let your negativity volume is higher than your logical thinking, once you are defeated by your own negativity, you will create an emotional abuse and unwittingly you will put it into something or someone you have cared such as your working place, your comrades, your family, etc.
Stop abuse to the children's mentality

 Emotional abuse sometimes attacks the human’s mentality when humans are often experiencing with emotional breakdown, the first thing why people have suffered with emotional abuse because they often use push mentality rather than use pull mentality, by that it means they focus to compel their limitation rather than thinking about reality, the second reason why people have suffered with emotional abuse because they have put their expectation to unfinished project, that side effect of mental disorder, the third reason why people have suffered with emotional abuse because they don’t have any their resourcefulness to use their resources correctly, remember this note; people who often to ignore about the source of information, they automatically lose the big opportunity and miracle of life, so please don’t be ignorant person because that typical character will influence people's mindset and people will get hurt from the emotional abuse such as overcautious, overthinking, depression, etc.
feeling depressed

 Remember; negativity is not coming from the universe, but negativity is part of human’s lack of resourcefulness, as we know that human’s resources are plenty and outnumber, human's power is nothing when there is no control, human’s control is lies into emotional intelligence, emotional intelligence is the center point how to control human’s emotional feeling such as discipline, perseverance, integrity, patience, etc. remember this note; we will never get what we want when we just depend on the last journey, life is always talking about momentum, when we lose momentum, we will lose our strong feeling, here is additional note; sometimes we need to let go of something what we believe is good because the law of attraction in the universe is not interested about what we have recently, but life is interested about what is your mission in life, when you know what you want to do in life, you will face with emotional issue, the key how to handle emotional abuse is test your habit to face a problem until you can exit from the problem, if you can defeat problem with integrity, you win.