I fell in love with a very bad habit

Bad habit is not coming from spouse's love, but personal character

          Today I would like to share how to clean our bad habit during building relationship, the reason why I choose that topic because many people are hurting their spouse without knowing the main problem, besides that couple start to fall in love because they want to get happiness from that relationship, the question is “why many people are trapped with fake love? Because they expect good thing in bad thing, remember this note; don’t ever make good expectation to something which can't give you good influence because your inner heart will get hurt unwittingly and your consciousness mind can’t think logically because your consciousness mind's mechanical has been disturbed.

       The bad influence is not lies in spouse’s love but the bad influence is lies in spouse’s bad personal character, love never create the complicated thing when you start to build relationship with your spouse and love is not intended to make you being hurt without any big reason, so the main cause why a couple will not find happiness within their relationship because one side from them doesn’t want to leave a bad habit during building relationship, so one of them gets hurt because of bad personal characteristic, so we need to give more time for our spouse to leave bad personal characteristic.
Time to change "Move on"

          Falling in love with attaching a bad habit will invite a new crisis within their habit or giving bad impact to social circle, love is always nourishing revelation and love is creating peace, if you can’t make your spouse feel peace, you must stop your next action before you will get hurt from power of love, please remember; you can find someone whom you admire but you can’t put your love by using your own willingness because love is not part of force, but love is nourishing the power of caring, the power of openness and power of trust, so basically building power of love is like value’s investment, when you invest something good to your spouse, you will be remembered and you will be memorized by your spouse, but when you can’t invest something good to your spouse, you will get hurt automatically from your spouse’s love system because your spouse’s love system is designed to reject much differential from your love story
Cleaning bad habit by creating good habit

          If you review about marriage dissolution, the problem is not coming from lack of attention, the problem is not coming from lack of communication, the problem is not coming from lack of capitals, but the main problem why their marriage’s story will end with dissolution because they don’t know how to nourish their love feeling with their love language; such as words of affirmative “pleasing”, act of service, physical touch, full attention "time", and giving a gift.


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