If you see me less, I am doing more

          Today I would like to share about topic “if you see me less, I am doing more”, this topic is talking about personal habit, some people like to show their habit to other people and other people hide their personal habit because there is private matter, if you see the successful people's habit in the world, they prefer to stop doing unproductive thing such as watching television, going to idle way to the coffee shop, etc. the reason why they just do such activity because they want to show the result, not to show people about dream.
Majority people just stand and look at the successful person at the stage

         Having good habit is everyone's dream, the question; why they behave bad habit ? because they have mindset "if you see more, i am doing less", that's majority mistake that ordinary people always do, no wonder ordinary people get failed easily, remember; good habit is not talking about how much worldly stuff you have, but how much value you can give to other people, by that it means, a good habit recommends good person not to let ordinary people's thinking are dangled about accomplishment, but focus on continuity process, once again, if we want to make a better life, we must improve our word quality first, good people don't like to talk about how much value they give and they don't let anyone else will see the pain of process, that's the wisdom of words"if you see me less, i am doing more".

            Here is another point i want to show you, fixed mindset will determine fixed result, but you must remember, when you do something what you like and not know how to make progress from what you do, it’s likely buying and selling physical energy, its nothing special; if we just rely on something what we know only, everything we have will be perished by time being, so we need to explore and sharpen our curiosity to gain knowledge.

           The reason why we need to do more and differently in our daily activity because value can't be built by having fixed mindset, so we need to invest our time and our energy to create new experience to get accomplishment, in my opinion fixed mindset will create disaster in every single day because people will put their best hope to the money, in fact money is working like blazing fire and it will end something into dust, I don’t want all result you have done will change into dust or meaningless, and here is important note; money is just facilitation where it will not give you self-worth but it gives you self-supporting.

          Remember this note; when you chase for price, you will not get value from it but you only get price and price will make your habit such as beggar, so you are forced to chase it, but when you chase for value, you will get pursued by money and value, so that sentence intrigues me to learn the new thing from this life, life is like an ocean, if we want to survive, we must adapt with high tide and low tide, we can’t live in the same standard such as fixed mindset and fixed belief, so everything in this life needs changing, if we don’t change or accustom with new circumstance, our existences will be rejected by opportunity, so we need to make revolution and we add some values to other people until they can apply our values into their daily activity.